Yums The Word

Yums The Word

I am definitely not that from the garden, food-processing kinda mama. As you all know I’ve tirelessly tried to be that mama but alas I’m not. With such a heavy work load it just isn’t happening. For those reading that are I think you’re amazing! (send me your tips). Whether you’re a working mama or not it can be a challenge getting your little ones the proper nutrition. I can’t say everything I give Gunnar and Bodhi is the best choice. I do try my hardest to offer a balanced and nutritional diet as much as I can. When I’m searching through the aisles or looking online for new products I try to keep a few things in mind. 

  • Is there an organic option?
  • How much sugar is in it and is the sugar natural or added?
  • Will this be a good source of protein or fiber.
  • Is it a mixture of fruits and vegetables? – I’m always worried that Gunnar and Bodhi aren’t getting enough veggies, so when I can find options that have a mix of fruit and veggies I grab a lot of them.
    • Prop tip: veggies mixed with anything Mango are a great go to for that picky eater. They won’t be able to taste anything but the mango.
  • What’s the price?
    • Now this isn’t something I worry about too much. I’d rather eat PB&J every night if it means that my boys will be fed the best products available.

Things I make sure to stay away from…

  • Preservatives
  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Anything I can’t pronounce or easily find a description of on Google.

Based the above list, I am sharing some food brands and products, which I and the boys really like. It’s always a plus when your don’t have to force feed your kids and thankfully with a pantry stocked with all of the below items I don’t want to hear the word “No” as much!


  • Plum Organics Baby Bowls – These guys are new and have become a family favorite! I love these because they are packed with all the good stuff! Fruits, veggies, proteins, grains and all organic, so how can a mama complain!
    • Pro Tip: I take one Baby Bowl and add it into a morning spinach smoothie for the boys. It is a quick mess free way to get them all the fruits and veggies they’ll need for the day. Plus they are so yummy I can put any veggie in there and neither boy will notice!
  • HappyTOT Clearly Crafted – In comparison to other pouches, these ones are organic and come in a see through pouch so you know exactly what your baby is getting. Another plus the fruits and veggies used are grown here right in the US!
  • Applesauce Adventures by Once Upon A Farm – A while back I did a post on Once Upon A Farm. I love their products again everything is US grown and packaged and organic. There newest line of applesauces are G’s favorite. I must admit I’ve tasted it myself and all I can say is YUM.
  • Annie’s Home Grown Organic Honey Bunny Grahams – These little guys makes life so much easier!
  • Annie’s Home Grown Rice Pasta & Cheese (Gluten Free)  – Comes in a regular box or individual cups which as any mama on the go knows, is a life/time saver. Easy to travel with, and they are microwavable! Personally we don’t microwave the boys food (if we have a choice). But I’ve used both stovetop and microwave directions to heat these up and they taste great either way! Plus, its made with organic rice pasta and real white cheddar cheese!
  • Organic Watermelon –  This one is for those teething babies. I was always told celery was great for a teething baby but when I tired it with Gunnie it didn’t go over to well. At first it was too cold then too warm it just didn’t work well for him. So with Bodhi I didn’t even think of it, I looked at all the fruit options and found that the mushy texture of watermelon would help soothe his sore gums. Bonus was that he LOVES the taste of watermelon!


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