Tuesday Is My Monday

Tuesday is my Monday and I love it! I get two days off with my lovely son Gunnar and we have so much fun together. I must say though by Monday night aka my Sunday night I am ready to go back to work. Work can sometimes feel a little like a vacation to the mother of an almost 2-year-old. Just being in the cool air conditioning, listen to music and peacefully sit at my desk is a nice change from running around after my love.

I knew today would be a busy one between a hectic work week and getting ready for my bachelorette trip so I opted for something more casual that I could easily transition if need be. Once done work I get to go home to my family. So for me having a look that can be changed with a quick tweak is a must! That is why today’s look is a classic. Denim and a fresh tee have always been a staple in my closet they are my go to when the week gets hectic.

Today I choose to layer with a bold patterned jacket from BCBG Maxazria and a flowy neutral tee from Free People. Personally I love ripped denim but it isn’t always a work approved look. That’s when I found Genetic Denim’s slouchy boyfriend denim. This pant gives me the look of a ripped denim without actually being ripped by replacing the wholes with darker denim patches.IMG_0402

Now lets talk about the wedges, don’t let them fool you! While I have a love for heels and shoes in general just like any other woman out there, I have one problem. I can’t wear them for more than a few hours and I bring flats with me everywhere I go. I start the day feeling like, “Today is the day, I am going to last all day in these beauties!”. Well by noon I raise the white flag and run for my flats! If you are like me then I suggest a wedge. They can give you a little more balance and support for your feet or in my case my ankles. That is what I love about this look. By pairing different shoes, jewelry, etc with it can totally change the look. You can make it a little more casual or vice versa. No matter where you are in life, todays lifestyle calls for versatility and flexibility.  You never know whats going to happen or where your day going to lead. Staples like these can make the day just a little easier; while still making you feel like that powerhouse that you are!

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