Traveling Success

Whether it’s with my family or on my own, traveling is one of my favorite ways to spend my free time. Generally we travel more so, in the dead of winter. Of course it’s an escape from the cold but it’s also the “slow” season in my industry. We’ve worked our holiday magic and the new year is upon us. Come January I’ve already finished our spring and most of our summer ordering, which me it’s time to relax.  As a woman and now a new mom the bag you carry can make or break your trip. I used to look at where I was going and style accordingly but now things have changed. If I’m traveling with the little ones I need something that can hold a lot. If it’s just be and a few of my closet friends I want something that I can stow and go, something light weight easy and fun. Sure I have some good diaper bags but those are great for trips to the shore or weekend visits to our favorite city, I’m looking at you Philly ?. But for air travel none of them were cutting it. Granted our trips aren’t massive with two little ones but still I needed a better bag. Even on mama only trips like this most recent one. If I don’t have to carry 3 bottles, binkies, diapers, wipes, etc., I don’t want a bag that makes me feel like I am.

I had almost giving up hope until I stumble upon a backpack. No, quiet literally I almost tripped over it. It was right after Thanksgiving, my mom and I were in the city doing some light shopping and heavy brunching (as usual) We had finished our brunch and started on a little walk through the park to get to our next destination (Anthro). Of course I was doing a lot of talking and not a lot of looking when I tripped over this man’s bag. It was a grayish stone color which I’d like to say contributed to my not seeing it but really let’s be honest I was too busy talking. I grabbed it and began to apologize then of course I started complementing him on said bag and asked him where he got it. He replied kindly, “Thanks, Amazon.”

I quickly snapped a picture because well there was no way I was going to be able to remember “Fjallraven Kanken”. After seeing it once, I kept seeing it pop up all over my newsfeed and even in the grocery store. With so many good review on multiple sites, I finally I broke down and bought it. Thanks to Amazon Prime and two days shipping, later that week the bag was mine! Of course in my color of choice, chartreuse. With two small children and a love of being on the go, I must say this bag is perfect. It has a long pocket on either side of the bag which is great for bottles when I’m with the boys and even better for my cell phone when it’s a mama only travel day. It’s small enough to not be a bother but big enough for all the essentials. I can fit everyone’s essentials including my film obsessed husbands camera equipment without turning it into a bulky annoyance. When it’s just me traveling, I’ve found it to be an easy piece I can through a few things in and go.

See for yourself!⬇️

For more colors and styles click the link (I think my next will be the original gray one I saw)

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