To Lob It or Not to Lob It?

With baby number two in the works my energy level has been drastically lower. My brain is on overload trying to get accustomed to the idea of two babies instead of one. Of course this has caused my style and beauty regiment to go out the window. I couldn’t even tell you that last time I added a little color to my lips. I’ve been tired and adjusting to Gunnar’s ever-changing terrible two phases. On top of all that my hair has been seriously lacking. Although I’m taking my prenatal and my hair is definitely getting longer it still appears to be a bit dull and lifeless right now. But with a two year old running around and another little bean on the way I had no energy or desire to style my hair.

Finally the other day as I stared in the mirror trying to see how I could hide the bags under my eyes I decided it was time for a change. I’m a firm believer that the more effort you put into your appearance the better you will feel. So, I’m determined to stay up on my game and get back to feeling the glow, no matter how hard I have to try. After three plus years I was finally going to change-up my look. Sometimes a simple thing like a hair cut can completely change your look

I decided to go with something a little shorter. Originally my hair hit just at the middle of my back so I thought some angles and layer with maybe a shorter cut might be just difference I needed.

***No ladies, I will not be going with a lobs. I am not the one to pull that style off.***

Okay see that statement above was originally where I was going with this post. But things change. I was going to go in for some angles and layers like I said, there was no way I was going to do the lob. I’ve made a million rash decisions with my hair before and I was trying to correct my “on a whimsy” ways! But frankly, F*** it! One of my favorite qualities IMG_8060about myself is my spontaneity. So I did it! Of course with a lot of help from my lovely Stylist Tiffany Kiker at Studio 35 Salon!

I knew I needed a change but at first I was hesitant. I soon realized it needed to happen. Once the glow of pregnancy leaves you it can be hard to boost your self esteem. I mean really pregnancy doesn’t allow for a lot of options in the beauty department. So a simple switch to your hair style can we just the right way to change your whole vibe. Honestly though, pregnant IMG_8059or not right now is a good time for a little salon
pick me up. With winter on its way out doing some spring cleaning on your look might just be the thing you need to get your mind out the winter doldrums. In the end thats exactly what it did for me, while this mama loves her winter seasons they have definitely been getting the best of me. A new cut was just want I needed to shake off the snow and welcome in the sunshine!

Whatever style you may prefer, a little change will help put that extra little pep in your step! So I ended up going for a lob. And I’m never looking back! In addition to the cut I also wanted to go warmer and brighter with my color adding a few highlights and toner to just warm it up a bit. And please don’t worry I did my research first. It is perfectly safe to use toner in your hair while pregnant.



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