Tis the Season!

Tis the Season!
Holidays 2014

Working in retail can make it a little difficult to really celebrate and enjoy all the holiday festivities. But this mama’s working on a plan to make sure this year that doesn’t happen!! Usually everyone engages in holiday festivities the week before christmas. Shopping, caroling, baking, etc; I’ve seen it all time after time scrolling through my new feed. For me this has never been the case, since the beginning of my career I’ve always ended up being MIA during the holidays. Spending every waking moment at the store I would lose those special holiday moments with my family. But this year I’m determined to make a change! Our first holiday season together Gunnar was probably a month old so as you can imagine everything was a complete blur! Being a new mom I was lucky enough to have leave right around the holidays so I could enjoy that special time only problem was we were sleep deprived and in shell shock from being new parents. Now, last year I kept swearing to myself and Sam that we would bake cookies and watch holiday movies, the whole shebang. Sadly come Christmas morning I was so burnt out that I just couldn’t get myself moving. So this year….I have devised a plan!

All the baking, decorating, and holiday fun will be taking place in the Katz house starting now! Yes, you heard right. As of today I am getting the ball rolling on all the holiday fun. Today I started with a little kitchen switch up! This year my theme is mixed metals, with a wedding on the way and possible new additions after that I really didn’t want to break the bank on my holiday decor so if I was going to buy anything I wanted to make sure I could transition certain pieces from winter spring summer and again in the fall. I decided my best bet was to stick with a mixed metals theme.

In the beginning of fall I went and scoped out Target to feel out what their autumn to winter “story” was going to be. When it comes to fashion and even home decor a “story” is basically a theme for each season and as the seasons change the “story” will evolve.  Most of the time you can get a good idea of where a company is going with their “story” by their fall merchandise. They won’t stray to far away from the original look but instead add to what the consumer has possibly already purchased. While there I saw a lot of geometric shapes used in patterns and the structure of certain items. This is something I love, geometric shapes make any decorative piece seem new and a little more fun, they also make great transition pieces for summer! Sticking with my mixed metals theme I grabbed two rose gold/copper hexagon shaped lanterns and a gold and cream table runner. Paying homage to my mother and her love of potpourri I picked up a little pomegranate and pine potpourri and I was on my way!

IMG_0245Now, I know I didn’t get a lot but while yes I am start my season now besides the tree I didn’t want to go too crazy
all over the house it isn’t even thanksgiving yet. Eventually everything will come together and have a holiday theme but that will all be in due time. For now I wanted to get
everything going and get my tree up while it felt like fun instead of a task that I have to fit in in-between work and sleep!

There is so much more to come and I can’t wait to share with all of you but for now I will leave you with just a taste of what’s coming this holiday season! Happy Monday ya’ll!!



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