Time To Pack My Bags!

Time To Pack My Bags!

Only 3 more weeks left until my due date and I’m starting to feel it. When I say, “it” I just mean pregnancy in general. Just sluggish, tired and ready for the big day. Don’t get me wrong I love the miracle of baby making but I’ve come to the end and I’m ready to start on our next big adventure. Becoming parents to not one little dude but TWO! Even saying it makes me nervous and a little anxious. The same emotions we’ve felt with the first one are happening all over again. Are we worthy of all this love, will we mess it up, better yet are we going to be able to give him the love he needs and deserves? Everything I wondered during my first pregnancy I’ve found myself wondering all over again.

There are truly so many differences between your first and second pregnancy but the general end is always the same. Ready for pregnancy to be over and nervous to be good enough for the miracle placed in your lap. So here we are, the end of one road and about to merge onto another. Now that we are so close to the end I felt it was important to prepare myself for the big day. It is time to get my hospital bag in order. Thankfully this isn’t my first pregnancy so I’ve learned what’s important and what to do without when packing for the hospital. It’s generally tougher then you think, packing for this kind of trip. You really don’t know what to expect no matter how many times you do it. Each time is different and unique in its own way, each child is different so preparing for such an event can be a daunting task.

One thing to remember is that the hospital has everything you need so don’t worry if you forget anything or find yourself ill prepared. I Just like to think ahead and pack a bag to leave in my car just in case. I like to bring some of my own things so 1.) I feel more comfortable and 2.) I’m ready for anything.

  1. Newborn Bottles: This one is for mainly for non breast-feeding mamas out there. First let me say, I have made the decision to not try breast-feeding this time around. I know what some of you are thinking, “Bad mama” Well I’m sorry if you disagree with my decision but it’s mine to make not yours. So moving on…I like to bring an extra set of newborn bottles. I bring a few different types to see which ones baby likes best. Before purchasing check what size nipple they give you. Most come with a standard nipple meant for newborn flow but some companies are tricky and give you one meant for a much older baby. If you give a newborn a nipple with the flow set for a 3-6 month old it can cause the baby to choke a little while drinking. So you want to be aware of that before you buy anything. IMG_9750
  2. Premie to Newborn to 0-3 size outfits: Unless you have an ultrasound and your water breaks right after the appointment you really don’t know how big or small your baby will be on the day of delivery. Gunnar was born 8lbs and 7oz 22 inches, he was long and skinny and none of his clothing fit him. So if you plan on having newborn photos taken with him or her all dressed up plan on bringing options. IMG_9561
  3. Lady Products: After delivery your lower half is going to feel like it has gone to war. Don’t fret the hospital and their nurses will be giving you plenty of guidance into what you’ll need to do next. Dermoplast spray will be one of the many things they suggest stocking up on. I’m sure there are many brands but this is the one my original hospital used and it worked so well for me I figure why not stock up. Good news is that the hospital is fully stocked and will be more than willing to let you take a few cans home. Another thing the hospital will have but you still may want to buy perineal irrigation bottles. After delivery you have to keep everything as clean as possible. This is used as a refresher for after you use the bathroom. The hospital will explain its use better then I can, but basically you fill it up with warm water and wash yourself off with it. I’m not lying when I say it’s an amazing product. Something so simple yet it gives you and your lady parts A LOT of relief. This was my saving grace last time and I’m sure I’ll be needing it this time around as well. I just recently got a set of them on Amazon, 5 bottles for 6 dollars. I’m serious when I say they are worth it. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Well if the hospital has it why would I buy it?” Heres the thing, you end up using way more of all these products then they give you because you don’t really know how much you’ll need. And with a newborn on your hip and a sore lady area it isn’t going to be fun getting everything set up postpartum. It’s better to buy them while your pregnant, set it up in home or at the hospital so you’re ready.  You don’t want to wait till you’re in too much pain to try and get it done because it will just end up being an unorganized stressful mess. Another very important item is witch hazel cleansing pads, they help keep your wounds clean  and as a bonus they are comforting as well. Another use for witch hazel pads is for hemorrhoids. Personal I’ve never experienced this problem but I have heard that if you push to hard and at the wrong time you can get them so these guys will help with that as well. Better to be safe then sorry as they say! IMG_4881
  4. Assorted Beauty Products: Don’t forget about yourself ladies! One of the most important things is a fresh face. You’re already going to be feeling less than fab in the beginning so why add to it by forgetting about your skin?! I suggest a dry face wash/lotion, La Mer is my personal favorite. You literally apply it and then wipe away any extra product. No need to even leave the hospital bed. Another one I love is their eye illuminator, especially great for after a long and exhausting day of delivering a life into the world!!  This will help with any puffiness around your eyes. Of course nail polish is an important one as well. Sometimes babies come unexpectedly and if you are like me your never ready. With all your friends and family rolling through wanted to see you it’s a good idea to bring a little nail polish to spruce up your nails. Sometimes having your nails on point can be a little extra confidence booster. Which never hurts to have, am I right ladies or am I right!?!
  5. Keep That Phone Charged: A charger for your phone is great to bring. You may think you won’t have the energy or even care about taking photos but you’re going to be on the most amazing high of your life. Looking into those little eyes and truly taking in all that you just did will just give you this amazing burst of energy and you’ll want to either take a million photos of that adorable little baby or tell everyone you know about your new pride and joy so charge that baby up!!!
  6. Set the mood: This one is really for during your delivery. It depends on your hospitals rules. I like to bring candles and have music playing to keep me calm. My first time around I couldn’t get my mind off of the pain and screaming my head off was only keeping my little one inside scared of what the heck that noise was outside. So I definitely plan on making a mix for my delivery and lighting a candle or two. I suggest a more natural candle made with soy and bees wax to avoid letting any harsh smells or chemicals into the air. IMG_7505
  7. The biggest bag you can find: You want to make sure you have a big enough bag not only for everything you’re bringing but to be able to snag as many goodies as you can. Suggest to your husband or partner that they pack a bag as well so they to can grab what doesn’t fit in your bag. Honestly after delivery the nurses offer anything and everything you’ll need for postpartum care, take it. Take everything they want to give you or offer you. From experience I know that once you’re home you’ll wish you had taken what ever they were offering and you’ll most likely forget the name of whatever cream for ointment they said was the best so it’s better to take it and not use it than needing it and not remember what it was. IMG_0755

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