Thought of the Day: Fill Your Heart with Self-Love

Thought of the Day: Fill Your Heart with Self-Love

Its been a busy week for the store, not only is it Valentine’s Day weekend but a lot of shoppers are just looking for something to do in this cold climate. The weather we find ourselves in here in the Northeast can really drag you down. So I’m constantly met by rosy red-cheeked eager customers ready to do anything but be stuck in their offices or homes. Honestly I welcome it even if they are just coming to browse. It’s nice to be able to converse with people, sometimes you can leave a conversation with a whole new perspective on life. Other times you’ve changed their mantra on the week and you feel like you’ve help them in more ways than buying a few accessories here and there.

This week its been a bit of both. In the beginning of the week I was feeling a little down and just exhausted with all my hormones up in the air it was hard to feel grounded. I tried to keep calm and just breath through the emotional rollercoaster but something was just out of sorts in my body. Then I had a mother and daughter come in, my first customers of the day for a brand new week. Well, after about 45 minutes of just talking I started to feel the wave of relaxation flow over me. We didn’t even talk about anything important or mind-blowing it was simply just nice to converse between two people. I was so changed by this one small conversation that I felt refreshed and ready to start all over again a new day, a new me!!!

I spent the rest of the day with that vibe and it felt great. I got home I reorganized the kitchen set up our dry erase board for chores and reminders. It was really a productive day and it kept me going through the week. So I started my spring cleaning early and I’ve been going ever since. While doing it all I developed a new train of thought or at least of deeper connection to a mantra I’ve always lived by. The more positivity I put out to the world for myself, my family, even just humanity in general the great the outcome. So basically if I do everything with a heart filled with l whatever I put out to the world will be amplified! So there we go another mantra or motto to add to the list. I’ve officially cleansed my home and heart for the up and coming spring!

This morning to keep up with the pattern I slept in a little (Gunnar is with his Grandma☺️) and when I woke up I went to my bathroom and had a little spa day. I turned the shower on let the warm steam fill the room. Next I went and got out my nail polish of course I had to choose IMG_2704something festive for Valentine’s Day! That and a few new face masks and creams my mom picked up for me to try (she’s the queen of skin care) and I was on my way to my spa day. For the final spa like touch I grabbed my iPhone and found some lovely ocean music and just chilled, by myself! It was amazing and now I’m ready to start this Sunday with a smile and a little glow. So whatever it may be go out and do something to help you cleanse yourself of all the negativity. There could be a million things dragging you down but if you can focus on that one thing that rises you up then that’s all that matters! Positivity is an amazing thing and if you let it and can break through the coldest winters!

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