Think Greener This Holiday Season

Think Greener This Holiday Season
 Every year I’m ready to give up all sorts of fun gift ideas but this year I’m taking stock of my mindset towards the holidays and the way I execute the holiday festivities. Don’t get me wrong you’ll still be getting your gift guides. After last years post I’ve realized my readers love options just as much as I.
As a new mom with a child in preschool I’ve heard the whole, “My friends have  it mama, I want that toy too!” So I totally get that we can’t just stop gift giving, but we can be smarter about the gifts we buy and what we do with the waste left over.
Yes, the holidays are a time to really show those we love how much we appreciate them. We search far and wide for that special gift we know our loved one will truly love. But it can be exhausting. Whether you have little ones or not, led a busy work life or just have a lot of fun trips ahead it can be hard to purchase smart during the holidays. You’re busy I get it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a smart/eco-conscious shopper or wrapper! Below I given you a list of ways to stay smart with your gifts this year. Whether you don’t know what to do with the waste that can occur with all that wrapping or you just want to shop smarter, I’ve listed my favorite tips and tricks! Enjoy

Try your hardest to shop in stores and support your local businesses

 I am a girl who loves me some good online recon. I search for the right price, color, and style that will suit myself or whoever I am purchasing from. But when it comes to the big purchase I try to keep it in stores, if I can. Ordering online can create a lot of waste (cardboard box, large invoice, bubble wrap). All that waste can be avoided if you just shop in stores. Also a lot of stores will honor those deals you find online. My suggestion, screenshot your deals head right up to customer service show them and see what they can price match or at least give you some sort of deal!

If you have to shop online be smart about what you do with that packaging it comes in

Now don’t get me wrong, I am a mama of two little boys so I fully appreciate the comfort that comes with online shopping. So don’t sweat it if you just can’t get away or just need to get that shopping done. When your packages come in be sure to open them with care.  Take all the extras out and put your gifts back inside. Now wrap them! This will save you from having to buy boxes. And lets be real usually those boxes you guy don’t fit perfectly anyway. So you’ll be creating less waste while saving yourself some money. And who doesn’t love to save that dough!

Rethink that wrapping paper

Wrapping paper is such a waste and it kills me to have to buy it. So why not try  recycled paper, your old news paper (I love the funnies), OR there is another option I’ve recently been using myself. FABRIC! Yes, fabric, obviously it depends on the size of the gift but you can get a couple good years out of reusing fabric. This will also save you lots of money. Think no more wrapping paper, no more tape. Even better now you won’t feel guilty buying those holiday themed scissors you don’t need, yet, somehow talk yourself into every year.  Head over to JOANN’S fabric and check out their fabrics. They even have a great sale section. If you can’t get to the store try Amazon. This year is our fist year trying this one out but I couldn’t find any time to head to the store without the boys. Amazon of course had exactly what I was looking for and it even came in a box I could reuse!! Even better that themed picture you oh so wanted, can still happen with this or any of the other options!

For those of you with babies and early aged toddlers think, timeless and stop over-looking those wooden toys 

Instead of purchasing toys made of plastic try to go for wooden toys. Wooden toys are a favorite in our home. They are durable and easy to clean up, most of the time.  Sometimes they are even packaged with less waste. Melissa and Doug toys are amazing. They make creative toys built to last and the price points are great for anyone on a budget (this mama).

Giving and getting can go hand in hand

Now I understand for some baby toys will NOT fly. I get it we have a four-year-old and all of his friends are into superheroes, so although we’ve only recently gotten into the more “adult” like toys I know what you’re thinking. “My seven-year old isn’t going to down for a wooden truck”, no worries my seven-year old self would have laughed in my mother’s face as well. So how do you keep a balance? They want what they want and some can even feel heart-broken when they see it waiting . I understand, so instead of completely cutting out toys made with plastic take stock of what toys you do get for them. Keep a number in your head of how many they got this year. Wait a couple of days, when the magic of Christmas has died down a little talk with them. If you feel comfortable, explain to your little ones that not every child got a visit from Santa this year, suggest that since they received X amount of toys maybe they should give X amount toys away.

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