The Little Things

The Little Things

I did some fall cleaning to the blog and renamed my “Few of My Favorite Things” section to “The Little Things”. The makeover came after a recently realization that I need to appreciate the little things in my life more. I can post about my favorite new products and things all I want and there’s nothing wrong with that but I realized I didn’t really have a space for those little things in life that make it all worth it. So this is going to become my space for that. Where I focus on those special moments in life that make up those great memories my family and I will have for years to come!

It’s finally here, the weekend and not just any weekend but the first fall like weekend of the season. As a kid a weekend like this one would be our first weekend home. My mom used to pack us up and take us to the beach for every weekend well into the end of September and even early October. For us, fall didn’t truly start until the weather was cold enough to make a beach weekend not worth it. That weekend was always both exciting and eye roll worthy. We would finally do fall things, like picking up pumpkins with my dad (You would catch my mom near a pumpkin patch or anything fall like) and baking cookies BUT we also had to change over our closets for fall and winter. As a child I dreaded that part but it’s funny how as an adult it has become one of my favorite things to do. So here’s to a great fall weekend, we will be transitioning our closets, hitting up our favorite farmers market and having as much fall fun as possible.






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