The Little Things

The Little Things

It’s been a hectic week to say the least. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sipping on a glass of my favorite white wine (Ferrari Carano). Honestly overall I shouldn’t be complaining the week wasn’t horrible just exhausting. Bodhi is a horrible sleeper which has turned Gunnar into a horrible sleeper as well. I mean honestly how could you sleep if you knew the other one was awake in the mom and dad’s room. I really can’t blame Gunnie either, Bodhi is a screamer and if he doesn’t get what he wants aka me he’s waking up the entire house. How could you sleep with that going on?! But thankfully tonight my husband is taking over baby duty so I can get a little time to just collect thoughts, my life and myself together. Babies aren’t easy but going from 1 child to 2, woah talk about a lifestyle shock. It takes some getting used to and needing space doesn’t make me any less of a mom.

I used to be able to spend all afternoon baking from scratch or planing my outfits for the week. Now I’m lucky if I find a shirt that doesn’t smell like spit up. Trust me I know I’m so lucky, we literally thought about having a second and BAM I was pregnant. I wanted this and still do whole heartedly. But that doesn’t me I’m supposed to just sit there with a smile on my face as my life is turned upside down. Its those little moments alone drinking wine and eating balsamic infused cheese (YUM) that help to remind me why I became a mom. I get a taste of being by myself and realize, its really not as great as I remember. Like right now, if I wasn’t doing a blog update, I’d just being sitting here by myself drinking. I used to find that fun now it just makes me feel lonely. Maybe it’s a case of Stockholm syndrome I’m not really quite sure but I do know that without these little banshees life just wouldn’t be as full. But this post is paying homage to those times alone few and far between but never taken advantage of!

Constellation Earrings I picked up last weekend at Anthro
Obsessing over the eyelet detailing of these booties while ALONE at work. A rare occasion
Fried Green Tomatoes from Magnolias down in Charleston. My Timehop alerted me that last year I was indulging on these babes…YUM
My new favorite chair and my favorite pillow. Don’t mind the chaos in the background.
Grilled Cheese sliders from a good friend of mine’s wedding..We had them at ours but I was too busy to try them. Very happy I finally got around to it!


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