The Little Dude and The Terrible Twos

The Little Dude and The Terrible Twos

Lately we’ve been heading into new territory. Gunnar has always been an energetic sprightly child. But Gunnar is turning 2 soon and it feels like those characteristics have heightened. I’ve felt a little overwhelmed with it all lately. Don’t get me wrong I am in love with his spirit and wIMG_0578ould never want to dull the fire within him but it’s been a little intense. I started to think, “was there something I was doing wrong?” and “how can I calm the storm within him?” Once I said those to questions out loud I realized I was being too hard on myself. He is just like most 2 year olds. He gets frustrated, he wants to speak and kind of gets the hang of it but sometimes it gets lost in translation. Me being hard on myself was only making it worse and there is nothing worse than a frustrated 2-year-old and momma. It all brings me back to when we first brought our little dude home from the hospital.

It was an exhausting but amazing bonding experience for us as a couple. Everything you feel during pregnancy becomes so much more. From labor to delivery and even getting ready to leave the hospital; it’s all different now. When I say different I don’t just mean the obvious differences. You secretly start to change emotionally/mentally. Going through something like that  is an experience that no one can really explain. The only way you will ever understand is when you go through it.


When we got home from the hospital at first we all just slept. Then the business of raising the baby started. ? We shared one bedroom and…yes I let him sleep in our bed. I know bad Meghan but look at the little fuzzy thing, I couldn’t resist. Of course that did lead to bad sleep habits. Again I found myself being really hard on “parenting Meg” and it took one of Sam’s world-famous reality checks to get me through it. Up until recently I thought that was the worst of it. I was very wrong, now things like climbing out of his crib and wake me up in the middle of the night are regular. Words like “MINE” or “NO” are becoming more often used and hitting is becoming his favorite hobby. But if we can manage to bring our little bundle home in one of the coldest November’s I can ever remember then we can handle this.

Once you think you have your little bundle of joy figured out they go and change on you. That’s what babies do and it isn’t bad or good, it’s normal. So always remember to try to be flexible. You have to just take a deep breath every morning when you wake up and have confidence in your abilities as a parent. Which leads me to one of the more important points about motherhood. Never compare yourself to other moms! What works for them and their children isn’t always going to work for you. I used to compare myself to other moms all the time and it just doesn’t make you feel good. It’s also a ridiculous thing to do, your child loves you because you are you.

I also used to blame myself when he would start to act out, now I just walk away during the tantrum. Yesterday was the first time I actually listened to my advice. I had so much I need to get done and was lucky enough to get Thursday and Friday off. At the beginning of the day we were definitely playing a game of tug of war with mommy’s time. By lunch I just let go and we had a great day. Today he was a lot better and actually let me get a few things done. We still have a long way to go but that’s what having a child is like. They are constantly growing and forcing you to grow with them, so welcome the change. We aren’t even at a solid 2 years old  yet but small victories like today deserve a mini celebration. In the end it’s all about balance and maybe even getting to wash your hair…which right now would be a major victory. 



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