The Litte Things

The Litte Things

It’s been three days in sunny Hawaii and I have so many things to be grateful for. We’ve really enjoyed soaking up every minute with the boys! In the process we’ve learned a lot about ourselves as well! So this “Little Things” post is going to be different from the norm. I had so much fun involving my other half in our most recent blog post that I couldn’t resist the urge to bring him in for another one! So this week it’s not just about what I’m grateful for but him as well!

Meghan’s moment of appreciation

  • I’m grateful for the slower pace we’ve been at on this trip. Normally we are moving, moving, moving and usually it’s because of me. With the boys my fast pace, see it all attitude just not doesn’t work. At first the idea of going slow and not getting everything done was killing me but I’ve gained perspective and calmed down. Gotta enjoy the journey amiright!? ? The vibes are much more chill and I’m loving it. I’m able to appreciate the sites and scenery around me because really they are beautiful and worthy of my patience!

Sam’s moment of appreciation

  • The quality time I get in with Meg and the boys is honestly worth its weight in gold. I let me just say Im really not a fan of technology.  I feel like it blocks you from truly experiencing life. I don’t want my boys to be iPad kids, I don’t want them to sit inside on a sunny day and just stare at a big square box. So having this trip where we can most of the time disconnect from tv, work, reality etc. has really been great! Unfortunately, there are still moments where Gunnie has iPad tantrums but we are working through them. We’ve got some really great surprises in store for the boys this week and I’m so happy I get to be there for every second of it!

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