The Great Move

So many wonderful things have happened this spring! The new store has opened, my mother is getting married, and we are planning our own wedding. One of the biggest changes has been our move!  With all of this happening around the same time my wardrobe has been suffering. Our move wasn’t a typical on. We didn’t really use boxes and organization was definitely not a key factor.

Mainly there was a donation pile, a throw away pile and the meghan has a clothing problem pile. Yes, a separate for that. I am no longer in denial, I Meghan used to have a severe shopping problem. Before moving in with Sam I was living with my mom. My favorite roommate..of course besides Sam and Gunnar. We occupied a 4 bedroom home with which two rooms were filled with clothing. One room was filled with hers and one for mine. The difference between my mom and I is that her “closet” room had organization. Each piece was carefully thought out and she has had most of it forever. Everything is there was something she took\ very good care of. My room was a joke. Mountains of clothing piled high and never knowing what was in any of the piles.

I am not ashamed to admit that in my early 20’s I was a very messy and impractical person.  I didn’t clean up after myself, I didn’t organize anything and I bought so many unnecessary items. My motto was, “Once I have children everything will change so for now I will live it up!”  And that is exactly what I did. Fast forward to the present and I still don’t regret that motto…but I do regret all the shopping I did and random things I just “had” to have. From silk members only jackets to those emerald-green coach flats I needed more the anything…Yes, I said EMERALD green haha because everyone apparently needs a pair of those right? There we so many things I had held on to so tightly that I just didn’t need anymore.

So,  with this most recent move I knew I had to make a change. I kept my thoughts on my son and all the space he could have in the new house. I thought about how many people I could actually help by donating instead of just storing it all in vacuüm bags and never using it. I started to really think about all the space and really all the time I have wasted. With each piece of clothing I saw more time spent organize it and clean it and store instead of spending it with my son. I didn’t want to lose watching him play or the amount of time I would have to distract him while I organized. I didn’t want to do that, I didn’t want to be that parent.

So I found a few steps that helped me conquer my problem.

1st step: I started by putting everything in the laundry room. Once it was all there I sorted. For me it helps when I can really get a look at the picture so having mountains of clothing in front of me was important in making me realize how far down the rabbit hole I was.

2nd step: This step is all about timing. After the clothing I had filtered into my room I looking through each piece again and thought about how long I had each item. Then I thought, “Okay, can I remember even one time I wore this and felt good in it?” If the answer was no I go rid of it again.

3rd step: Now, of course there are things that you will find you are on the fence about getting rid of. So I suggest trying it on. If you feel uncomfortable or feel like maybe it could fit one day, just take me advice and GET RID OF IT! Think about it like this eventually once this is all over you will have more room in your closet and maybe if you get rid of enough you will make room for 1 or 2 new pieces.

4th step: Make a promise to yourself. Look at your new closet and how organized it is and remember that feeling of pride in yourself. Think about it every time you go to buy something new. Think “do I already have something similar? Am I just buying to buy?” As someone whose life pretty much revolves around fashion, unless you are trend shopping and want to add a unique piece to your wardrobe you don’t need 10 pairs of denim and you don’t need 5 different sweaters in that new hot color for fall.

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