The Day Of Rest

The Day Of Rest

Holidays are in full swing which means this is that time of year where I’m the least useful. Every year it is the same, like clock working. Come Black Friday the store is a constant mad house and while I’m surely not complaining it can get draining the closer we get to Christmas. This year though I’ve noticed a lot of other people feeling the same way. Whether it is the stress of finding the perfect gift or even finding time to get gifts. Everyone is feeling rushed and ready to give up. I know I’ve given myself pep talks lately!😂

No matter what the household task or conversation, right now my brain is short circuiting and I’m finding myself at a loss for words and slow to act. Thankfully the hubs knows the deal and still loves  a less put together version of myself. But what isn’t okay is that it does leave little time for making memories with my little ones. Thankfully I have a strict policy about Sunday’s. No work, at all, just play. I’ve always been this way even before kids. I don’t know if it’s just the vibes Sundays give out or my grandma being so religious but Sunday will always be the day of rest for me.

This fine Sunday morning we have a few things on the agenda. We are heading out on a fun adventure on the Polar Express Train with G, Bo and their cousins! Everyone will be dawned in their finest christmas jammies and mama will be of course be behind the camera. What started out as a fun holiday event for my mom and I to do with G has turned into a family tradition. I’m so happy we get to spend this time together doing something memorable with all the boys.

Below I’ve listed a few of my other Sunday favorites. So whether it’s the holidays making you feel drained or it’s just a busy time of year and you want to do something fun and cheep to destress. I’ve got a few options that might help, and you don’t have to have kids to enjoy these. To be honest all of my Sunday favorites were things I did in my early twenties. And back then my companion wasn’t a toddler it my fat cat, Marley and great glass of vino. Enjoy😉

-My Sunday Favorites-

  1. Baking with the boys – Normally I’m all about pies. But recently I was gifted cookie cutters from Target. I know this is going to sound silly but I’ve always been scared of cookie cutters and making cookies. I love baking pies mainly because even when they are their messiest, pies still tend to look great! Where as with cookies I’ve always felt they have to be perfect. It felt intimidating so I never attempted to make christmas cookies. But there is a first time for everything. So next weekend I plan on waking up and trying to use those with the boys. Wish me luck!
  2. Going on an adventure – With toddlers around every adventure feels new. During the summer months we love to just walk around our cozy little town and enjoy all the things we find. When it comes to winter things can get tricky. If the day isn’t too chilly I’ll bundle the boys up and we will go exploring in nature. Gunnar loves to go out the next morning after it snows and check for animal tracks. When it is too cold for an outdoor excursion we will set all of their animals up and pretend we are in the great outdoors. Sometimes we have a tea party other times of course it turns into a cops and robbers situation thanks to G’s imagination. Either way it is always an adventure with these two.
  3. Building forts/tents and having a movie marathon – Movies are a favorite in our home. With Daddy being a film major in college and mama being a secret introvert movie marathon nights are something Sam and I did a lot while dating. So it would only make sense that we would do the same with the boys. This is more of a way we like to end out Sunday nights, especially if it’s rainy out. I’ll take all the cushions off the couch and grab all the pillows and blankets from the beds. Then we add a couple bags of freshly popped white cheddar popcorn for the boys and a secret bag of extra, extra buttery popcorn for mama (guilty pleasure) and we are good to go!

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