The Big Surprise

The Big Surprise

More than a week has passed and I’m still reminiscing on how amazing my bridal shower weekend was. The weekend started out very calm and quiet, we carved pumpkins and Sam managed to propose for a second time with my great grandmother’s engagement ring. But the weekend didn’t stop there I awoke the next morning extremely exhausted from celebrating the night before to a screaming baby and a time line. I was picking up my wedding dress! Of course my Momma came with me and on the car ride there I was so consumed with my ring and the amazing reproposal that most of the tell-tale signs a girl would normally notice were just noise in the background. I had so much excitement in my heart I couldn’t stop talking on the way to pick it up. At the same time I was talking my mom asked, “Did you bring your make up?”, “That isn’t the outfit you said you were going to wear!?”…But none of her questions matter I was thinking back to how amazing the weekend was so far.

We got to Lovely Bride in Philadelphia and I tried on my gown. It made me feel just as gorgeous as before when I originally tried it on! We got my gown put it in the car and were on our way to brunch at Jones a couple of streets down. We start our brunch and now I can finally relax and enjoy brunch with my mom. No screaming baby, no more pounding celebratory glass of champs headache. Just a girl and her momma. This is when I started to notice her antsy behavior….but again I was on cloud nine thinking about how amazing the night before was so I brushed it off again. We discussed our upcoming family vacation and how fun out trip to Charleston was the week before and the time seemed to run away from us. When I finally saw the time I realized our brunch fun was coming to an end and it was time to get home and start my weekend chores. That’s when my mom suggested we go meet one of her college friends how was also in town having brunch with some friends. I figured why not I didn’t have to be home till 2. So we headed out and I don’t know if it was the mimosa or that I was still a little tired from the night before but I was more clueless than ever about what was coming my way!12049609_10109632040809894_7318343703567784230_n My favorite place in Philadelphia, The Moshulu. I don’t know what it is about The Moshulu but I just love it. We get out of the car and I tell her we have to stop and take a selfie of course. As a mom a day out in the city with my Momma is definitely cause for a celebration! So right in front of The Moshulu I make her stop a take a couple of photos finally she has had enough and she rushes me inside.

The Final Countdown!

Walking through the ship I saw a beautiful buffet full or options and of course even though I had just ate the temptation was REAL! As we are nearing the end of the ship I lock eyes with some people as I made looking at all the choices all the sudden I notice them starting at me. I look up again and they all scream SURPRISE! I had been had AGAIN! Second time in one weekend my game was clearly off.

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I must say I have an amazing set of bridesmaids and my mom was a really trooper throughout it all. I had constantly bugs annoyed and text them all late at night asking the same question, “When is my shower?!” Now the day was here and they made it everything I had ever hoped and dreams of.

The day was amazing surround my nearest and dearest (which is my favorite way to spend a day) The girls had put IMG_9525together min take home champagne bottles. My wonderful cousin made me a flower crown and we used Polaroids to capture our special moments. The Polaroids they had taken that day were then used to make me the most amazing photo album!

For anyone looking for a meaningful gift for their bride-to-be, here are a few gifts I’ve hand-picked that are meaningful and personal without breaking the bank.

  • Brightly colored dish towels (For the bride who loves to cook and entertain these make a great gift. They are perfect for saving and only using at special occasion. They are also something that while inexpensive can seem like a luxury to a new bride with wedding expenses.)
  • The Newlyweds Cookbook ( this is a great gift for any bride and groom especially if one or both can’t cook. Cooking together is entertaining for many reasons and I know Sam loves to cook with me mainly because I am still learning.)
  • Fancy Measuring spoons (These were a gift from my mother. Yes they are both useful and pretty. But the uniqueness of them is what really makes them special they aren’t something I use all the time. But that is what a bridal shower is for, a mix of useful and meaningful items.)
  • The Mrs. Box (This was an amazing gift. I will be able to use this beauty for the day of my wedding as well as years to come it’s made with vintage french velvet and in my opinion priceless. Also they picked the purple velvet for me because it is my grandmother favorite color and I’m wearing her ring so this is a very meaningful gift for this bride-to-be.)
  • The Frosted Tumblers ( I received them in both a frosty winter white and a nice fresh summer green. I love these guys because it’s a different kind of gift. I can see them being used to entertain during the holiday season as well as being great for nights in with my hubs sitting in our backyard enjoying the sights and sounds of summer drinking some very spiked lemonade 😉 )
  • For the crafty bride think about the bag you give her gift in. (The bag below was one I received from my future mother-in-law and I am going to frame it. I love sayings and this one will be a great addition to our hallway decor 🙂 )
  • Last but never least the hanger with her new last name on it.( This one is also good for those ladies opting to keep their last name you can put literally get whatever you want wired on these things. It is something cute and silly that has so much meaning behind it!)


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