Tahini Time!

Tahini Time!

Last night Sam offered to watch the little dude while I went out to our local grocers. For me that is exciting! I am a BIG fan of the grocery store. I like to explore the aisles and find new foods I have never tried before. I do a little research while I am there and try to find something fun I can make for my family and I. So, to say I was a little excited to go without Gunnar was an understatement. This time I had a mission! My son really isn’t into meat and I think he is rubbing off on me. After doing a lot of research on what we could supplement for protein I found a few different options. Normally I would go out and buy them all but I am learning quickly that two-year olds have no clue what they like and often change their minds.

I’ve done some googling and found that tahini is a good source of calcium and has more protein than most nuts. Being that Gunnar is only two so I would like to set up good eating habits to help strong bone growth as well as getting him the nutrients he needs. and  Today was my day so I decided to turn it into a test run day and see how he would react. Most of the time when I make Gunnar a meal he won’t eat it. But if I make myself something he will devour it so I decided to make a black bean burger salad. This is my regular go to on days off. It is nutritious and fun. Two of my must have for a meal. I love to eat and in the past I’ve had a problem with snacking. Making meals like this one have helped me feel full while still feeling like I am eating.

First we start with the greens. Personally I like spinach but really you can use whatever leafy green you’re into. I use a few plum tomatoes courtesy of my mother in laws garden and feta cheese. Then it’s time for the tahini. Take a little taste of the tahini before putting it on your salad you want to see how you like it first. A lot of recipes say to meant to be mixed with other items for the but I am trying to go heavy on the tahini for the little dude for I am going to keep my ingredients separate. I use a drizzle of balsamic after I put the tahini on so if you want to combine them both together before putting it on your salad go for it.

Of course last but not least I add the black bean burger. I am still searching for a black bean burger recipe that I like I have tried a couple and nothing seems to work out or there are too maybe ingredients. Once I find one I am happy with I will add it to this post! For now I use Lightlife Smart Patties. You can find them near the refrigerated dressings and salad ingredients. I like to warm mine up in the toaster oven ( we don’t have a microwave) but you can use a pan or a microwave if you would like. Once the burger is warm chop it up and sprinkle it on top of the salad. Now ENJOY!!!!!



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