Sunday Style

Sunday Style

I am, of course, a working mom. Anyone that reads the blog knows this. So as a mom, comfort is key. Thankfully in my line of work I don’t really have a dress code. One day I’m wearing converse and ripped jeans the next it’s a high-waist pencil skirt and heels kinda day. One thing I’ve learned is that sticking with versatile pieces is a key element for a successful wardrobe. Whether you’re a working mom, single mom or not even a mom at all versatility is key to a great wardrobe without breaking the bank!

As women we often feel the need to push ourselves to dress to impress, even on days off. This morning I woke up feeling a very similar feeling. Don’t get me wrong sometimes it’s nice to dress up I know we can all agree on that one. But then I thought about it, why am I pushing myself so hard? First of all, I have a 6 month old and a 3-year-old, second it’s Sunday, so I’d rather stick with comfort and versatility. There is a time and a place for going all out on a look and today I just wasn’t feeling it.

Enter, Free People, a brand that has taken the versatility game to a whole new level.  I love so many of this brands pieces because they can easily be dressed down or up. Another amazing thing about Free People is that when it comes to quality, they know their stuff. In the 10+ years I’ve been purchasing this brand,  I can say with confidants that I still have more than half my pieces. The other half? Borrowed by my best friend, and still in closet right now ?. They are timeless pieces that still look new. No matter if it was from 2006 or present day, I always get compliments when I wear any piece. Today I decided to go with a sporty 70’s inspired look. I went with a Free People oversized cream sweater with red/orange details on the neckline   and an exposed hem skinny (similar style here) from Free People spring 2016. I’ve been patiently waiting to fit in these jeans, they are of course still trending this coming season but last season when they became a hot item I was pregnant and unable to find a pair in maternity. So I purchased these and waited!

For the final touch I  added a Dolce Vita flat that reminds me of the woven loaders my mama used to rock when I was little. I adored them and always wanted to wear hers even though, at the time, I was nowhere near her size! So you can imagine my excitement when I found these at Target no less! This look is a stylish comfortable twist on a sweatshirt and jeans. Special thanks to Free People and their forward thinking!  I can rock this look chilling with the boys on a cozy farmers market Sunday or in the middle of a busy work week at the office!  Happy Sunday All!

Below I’ve shared a quick peek at the finished look! 




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