Summer Style: Maternity Shorts For Every Trimester

Summer Style: Maternity Shorts For Every Trimester

Shorts, a summer time classic something I usually wear all summer long. But not this summer, this summer has been very different. Maternity shorts in my opinion are no mama to be’s friend. I honestly am convinced that most clothing companies don’t even try when it comes to maternity shorts. After trying several on I know this has to be a little true. I mean let’s be real here maternity clothing is kinda lacking in the summer department. Rompers and dresses are limited to items that legit make me look like my grandma and shorts well they just look like someone slapped two pieces of fabric together, stitched it up and called it a day.

I’m sure from my little rant above you’ve gathered I’ve been having a tough time this season. They aren’t kidding when they say summer pregnancies can be tough. Even tougher then the pregnancy itself is trying to keep yourself looking put together while staying cool in this summer heat. Rompers I’m still working on but shorts, well, I’ve gained lots of knowledge on maternity shorts. After some extensive trial and error I’ve finally found the right shorts for my body type and I’ve picked up some pointers along the way for those of you with different body types then my own.

My Body Type: I like to consider myself an average body type. I worked really hard to get to where I was pre pregnancy and I’m proud of it! No shame!! I have an extremely love torso and short legs. I weighted in at 176 right before pregnancy and am 5’5..and a half ?….Just to give you an idea of where my body stood before pregnancy. During pregnancy I stayed pretty even and gained a healthy amount of weight. Now near the end of my pregnancy I’m at 200 lbs. Now yes this is a little over my desired weight gain but I have no shame or embarrassment in my weight gain. I’m literally making a person so as long as I’m doing it in a healthy manner with of course a few cheats here and there I really don’t care. And I don’t care for anyones comments for any haters out there can just zip it! My doctor assures me everything is all good, so I can’t exactly complain.

Gap Shorts: I purchased 2 pairs of denim shorts in the inset panel (size 30), 1 pair in a full panel (size 10) and 2 khaki shorts in the inset panel (size 31) maternity short. I found that they were mostly great during all three trimesters. Of course the full panel worked the best for second and third trimester but that goes without saying. I was really excited for my results on the inset panel. I was convinced these guys weren’t going to work. I figured they would end up turning my tiny little bump (first tri) into a little layer of flub but they didn’t. They were so comfortable and little fit true to my regular jean size. The size 30’s were great for my first trimester but I did have to go up a size once I was in my second trimester. I’m not really upset about purchasing the regular size because I figured with the stretch they have on the sides they will probably be my favorite post pregnancy staple for the rest of the summer. I mean lets me real I’m sure a few of those pounds I’ve been packing on aren’t just from the baby so money well spent! Once I switched it up and went a size up I still felt the same comfort level I had with the smaller size. I will say though I love the inset panel, the third trimester bump does NOT agree with them. With so much bump going on I need more support.


Target Shorts: Target offers a variety of panels just like gap but a lot of them are not offered in stores. Targets sizing can be confusing for my body type. Sometimes I’m a medium other times a large even an x-large. Which I really can’t blame on Target, they do a lot of business with different designers so going from a brand like BeMaternity to Liz Lange Maternity of course sizing will be different. So when it came to searching for maternity shorts from Target, I decided it was best to stick with only purchasing things I found and tried on in the store. I stuck with full panel shorts from Target. Specifically Liz Lange Maternity, I fell in love with a pair offered in two colors, denim and white. They of course had the full panel and I went with a size large for both. They were perfect for half way through my second and third trimester. Right now with one month left to go they are literally all I’m wearing. Dare I say the perfect short for the third trimester with a little meat on her bones. Now, don’t get me wrong I think they would be great for all my tiny mamas out there as well but I would suggest sizing down in them if you are smaller. Another great thing about these shorts is that they aren’t too short but also aren’t too long either. Any one of us out there who has experienced pregnancy knows when it comes to maternity shorts, skirts, even some dresses the lengths on them can often leave you shaking your head saying, “What where they thinking?!” So it was nice to find something at gave be coverage but was still fun for summer.


Non Maternity Items: Okay so this really only works for the first trimester, but for a while in the beginning I hadn’t had the time to go shopping for shorts and some days were just too hot to handle for me and the bump. So in the beginning on summer I was most definitely leaving my pants up buttoned and looping a hair tie to the open hole and looping it around the button to keep my pants up. Yes, I did it and if you are like me weren’t prepared to wake up with a little more fluff to your belly then you went to sleep with I suggest you do it too. It was a life saver on our honeymoon! Yeah I was about 3 months along and i sent from a nice flat stomach to a tiny bump over night and in the middle of our honeymoon so I had to make due! IMG_7261

Destination Maternity: I can’t lie I put Destination Maternity on this list but I did not try any of their items during THIS pregnancy. I did however try a few full panel shorts LAST pregnancy. Now before I give you a review I must say it has been a full 3 years since I’ve purchased shorts from them so I can’t speak for their quality of work NOW. But 3 years ago I was so disappointed, they were the worst shorts I’ve every tried. I tried their shorts by Jessica Simpson, they unraveled on me day ONE, I took them back. They let me exchange them for new shorts, I tried their Motherhood Maternity brand, super unflattering, took those back. Finally after switching out 4 different pairs of shorts I gave up and bought a dress. I normally am the type of person to refuse to return anything, as Tim Gunn says, I make it work ALWAYS. But when it comes to their bottoms I can’t do it. My body type just doesn’t agree with them. Besides the Jessica Simpson shorts I can’t say I have any problems with their quality of clothing I really will chalk this one up to a cliché, “It just wasn’t meant to be.”



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