Halloween Style On a Budget

Halloween Style On a Budget

The holidays are always a fun time of the year, first we start with Halloween and work our way down to Christmas/Hanukkah. Of course we all want our homes done up for each occasion especially when you have little ones running around. Seeing the look of joy in their eyes as the house goes from scary haunted house to a replica of Santa’s work shop is enough of a reason to go all in. But there is one pesky little problem, MONEY and oh boy can it be an issue. The holidays change so rapidly is can feel like a waste to spend so much for one night. I know that’s how I was feeling at the start of the season. Halloween is a week away and I’ve put off my decorating for some time now. Normally the house would’ve been done to the nines come October 1st but this year was different. We just bought a home and welcomed our newest member into the family so our budget is pretty tight right now. So when I can I like to opted for a more timeless choice.

What you want to look for are those items that expire. In this case we are talking pumpkins. Every year I do the same thing I look for the prettiest heirloom pumpkins and I go crazy buying them. And every year the same thing happens, they last for about 2 weeks then they mold and it’s pointless. I mean I love Halloween just as much as the next basic lady but I don’t want to waste the money anymore. Maybe when both boys are eventually out of diapers but for now I’m good on that. So how to I celebrate without breaking the bank on pumpkins that won’t last? I invest in items that will! Last year I got glass blown pumpkins from Home Goods and they were a success. I only purchased colors that could translate and I was even able to keep them out way after Thanksgiving.  Normally I always stick with Home Goods for such a purchase because I don’t want something tacky and cheapy looking. Home Goods has a knack for staying away from the tacky and leaning more towards stylish. Target is a good place for this as well, you have to remember that when you’re buying items like this that it’s an investment. So while they made be more expensive at first

Recently we indulged in a little home town fun, every year our town hosts a market day. Vendors from all over the area rent tents and show off their God-given talents. While walking the boys around we found the coolest little vendor selling pumpkins made with vintage and reclaimed fabrics and natural stems. I love interesting finds like this one. There was an amazing range from patterns, fabrics and colors which of course made it difficult to pick. To say I was in fall heaven would be an understatement.

Options for a more budget friendly look without sacrificing style below!


Buy a small pack of pumpkins and sprinkle them around the house where needed.


If you’re like me and love chalk signs searching on Pinterest for inspiration is always helpful



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