Style Guide: Spring Mix and Match

Style Guide: Spring Mix and Match

So last night we had a little patch of flurries come our way. While I would normally get a little down about this I could feel the suns rays beating down this morning. I knew that by mid-day the little bits of snow left would have melted away and we’d be back to the spring like weather. Today’s weather inspired me to play with my look a little and try something new. I grabbed one of my favorite floral pieces-a swing top from Free People that still fit even with a baby bump. From there I decided to down play my look a little with some light denim from Gap Maternity.


Now for the shoes, I could always go with a neutral black or nude but I was feeling a little extra sparkly today so I paired this look with a new addition fresh for spring. Recently I picked up the most amazing shimmer pink flats from J.Crew. The style name is Mermaid Scales so naturally I just couldn’t resist.


I felt like all the pop I needed were these shoes and a few simple accessories. I felt bracelets with the way to go with today’s look. So, I went with more neutral tones that kept up with my mix match theme. The gold in the shoes picked up the gold in my bracelets nicely and turned something that might have normally looked off into a full look I could rock with confidence! ?


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