Staying Stylish In Your Third Trimester

Staying Stylish In Your Third Trimester

What the third trimester ALREADY?! It feels like yesterday I found out we were expecting our second. I was sitting on the couch in our living room only lit by the flickering of holiday lights in sheer shock over a positive pregnancy test. With so many thoughts running through my head, “Was that really positive? Maybe it’s the light let me run into the kitchen and double check. Nope yea that is definitely positive…OH LORDY!” I was so sure that day, standing in the line at my local grocers. I was sure these test I was buying were a waste of money. I was sure I was just covering all my bases and giving good vibes to my missed period(s)/(Oops!) But here we are 6 months pregnancy and just entering trimester number 3!

Bodhi and my belly have grown so much. I’ve finally reached that point in my pregnancy where theres no hiding it the bump is out and about. Everywhere I go, people stop me star down at my belly with this shocked look and then that simple and sometimes painful phrase comes out, “Are you sure you aren’t having twins?!” No twins in this womb just Bodhi and last nights double-decker veggie burger. (WINNING) So yea the bump has grown which means I’m back to transitioning my wardrobe for the 3rd time.

I’m learning that every trimester brings new ups and downs and whats possible and impossible in the maternity fashion department. I’m still trying to figure out shorts and what works best for me, while still maintaining a realistic budget. I’ve found that while shorts are little confusing to me I’m having an easy time with dresses and of course the almighty leggings. With the weather changing drastically, some days I can go with denim or leggings but other days I’m way too hot for it. Those good old third trimester pregnancy symptoms just what I need in 70s and sunny weather. Gotta love them especially with a summer pregnancy, am I right!? ? Besides drink plenty of water I’m trying to keep my clothing as breathable as possible. During your third trimester everything can feel tight and uncomfortable so it is important to stick with items that have a lot of stretch in them. Personally I’m a big fan of shift dresses, they eliminate lines and structure leave room for a nice airy look.

Today that’s just what I went for, I recently picked up a little black night-dress from Gap Maternity. Yes, you read that right, a night-dress like the ones some women sleep in. It’s amazingly comfortable and adds the right amount of stretch needed for a third trimester mama.  Not only is it comfy but I feel stylish, I believe that anything can be fashionable when paired with the right accessories! And today I’d like to think I nailed it. I paired a long statement piece necklace from Anthro I received for my birthday last week. It’s mixed metals with labradorite (My favorite stone). I complemented the simplicity of my necklace with an arm full of Alex and Ani’s summer beaded collection. I went a little crazy with my shoe choice today and went with heels! I know some would say I was crazy especially for my third trimester but I just scooped up the most amazing pair of Anne Klein sandals from DSW and needed to show them off ASAP. Don’t let me fool you though I definitely brought some light cream and pink striped espadrilles for when my feel start to swell up! Like I say loving the third trimester! It is important during this time to bring extra options with you everywhere you go. The third tri can do some weird things to your body. Swollen feet, lack of bladder control and my personal favorite that I experienced with Gunnie and hopefully not with Bodhi, horrible shooting pains down my back. Ya know, just to name a few, so when I say comfort is important oh boy do I mean it!

For hair and make up I went a little lighter. I used a lot of hair spray for yesterdays look (I wore a high bun) so today I thought it would be a good idea to just let my hair go natural. I added some of my hair oils to it and just walked about the door. For make up I used a new contouring stick from Lancôme and tinted moisturizer from Avede. All eye make up from Lancôme as well. Below you will find my look and all the details including my later in the day switch up! Check back for more on my third trimester updates! 






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