Staying Balanced

Staying Balanced

Oh wow it’s finally here, 2017!! I can’t say I had a bad 2016, I’m just a big fan of change when it comes to the new year. I enjoy throwing off last years sweater and putting a new one so to speak. It’s a refreshing time and what better way to celebrate that with fresh perspective and fresh ideas. I holding onto this unshakeable optimism as long as I can. This year I’m focusing on one main idea and thought, BALANCE. I’m building a cocoon of positivity and balance for our little family. I felt that a lot of last year was spent spending (wedding new baby) and improving (new house) I felt I was stretched so thin with all the new that I couldn’t really balance it all.

So now that the dust has settled and all of our major “life changes” have happened I think it’s time to focus more on our home and future plans. Of course I’m not spilling too much yet, only time will tell what comes out of my plans. But until we get there I can at least create a space that will help move us in the right direction!  No, I don’t mean home decor and fresh paint, although to be honest those things might occur in due time. What I really mean it just organizing our minds and the space around us to have a more cozy, happy vibe at home. But I can’t attribute my new outlook to having a good mind-set. I’ll admit I have a few other tools to help.


-Burning white sage-
This one is a must. Lets just get rid of all those negative 2016 vibes. Clean and organize your living space and run from sage. It is believed that burn sacred plants like sage can help clear a space of any bad vibes while at the same time blessing it and protecting it from outside negativity. White sage smudge sticks not only clear your home of any negativity but they can also help clear your mind-set and restart your brain. I did the same thing after the election. Regardless of if you were happy with the outcome or not I feel like we all could have used a white sage cleanse the next morning. I was feeling stressed, the results were finally in and we finally had the answer to that burning question everyone was asking. The dust had settled and not only did I feel drained but my home felt it too. Thankfully my cousin knew how I was feeling and that night when I got home from work I was met by a sweet little package to help cleanse my life. For the new year we will be doing the same thing.

-Fruit infused water-
It can be difficult to get a fresh start and shake off last years vibes if our bodies and minds aren’t aligned. I personally love infused waters. Lemons being my personal  fruit of choice. They are great if you are trying to cleanse your body or help fight acid reflux. Another good fruit to infuse with your water are blueberries. They are full of antioxidants and well they’re just delish! Infused waters aren’t only a great way to cleanse the body but they also can help relativize your senses. Every spa you go to has orange or lemon infused waters on hand. It’s a great way to help relax the senses while cleansing your body all at the same time! So add a little lemon or blueberries to your regular bottle of water and get ready to feel like a refreshed new mama.

-Chakra Balancing-
One in particular that I find to be amazingly helpful was a gift I recently received for the holidays!! The Chakra Balancing Body Mists by Aveda(my favorite) has really helped balance me out, especially when I’m struggling to do it on my own! I’m a firm believer in the power of your third eye and chakras. I feel that our true balance and alignment can only be fully realized if we are at peace with ourselves. This kit from Aveda is a fantastic way to try and achieve that. We all have 7 chakras and this gift set includes 7 sprays to help promote balance in each chakra. Along with the 7 sprays you will find a “how-to” booklet that describes and helps you identify which of your seven chakras might be unbalanced. From there the booklet explains the proper way to meditate and use each spray in a way that can help create peace from within.




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