Stay Wild My Child


This morning Gunnar wanted nothing to do with any form of rules or decisions made by mommy. He just wasn’t in the mood. From bath time to breakfast everything I said and did was wrong. We’ve had a rough week concerning this little one. Yesterday when I went to grab him from school I was met but an extremely tired and not so happy teacher. “Gunnar received 7 incident reports today.”, Of course my first reaction was to apologize and insure her that Sam and I would handle it together tonight. Which we did of course, explaining to him that he can’t be so unruly in school, and trying to help him understand the importance of listening to your teacher. Of course our good little boy said, “Okay Mommy, okay Daddy, I sorry.” Of course we knew we had been had by a toddler who only said things like this when he knew he was in trouble. (for only being on this earth for two years this kid sure has his ques down.) But we let it go knowing that eventually we would get the idea to soak in.

So back to this morning, finally as I reached the end of my rope with all his no’s and not gonna do it, my love decided to dress himself. As I checked him out and looked from head to toe I couldn’t help but feel pride in his chosen attire. Winter boots, swim shorts, a button-down shirt (that wasn’t exactly buttoned and a winter hat. I mean this kid has such an amazing amount of confidence, it’s so beautiful to witness. Honestly some may say, “He is two he has no idea what he is doing.” But think about it for a minute, would any of us go out in such an outfit. Or would we all be too scared of what others will think. I think we all know the answer to that one and that’s okay because that’s what society has taught us to be true.

But maybe it isn’t so right, maybe taming our children to fall in line is wrong. Well, today I realized something about myself, I don’t want to make followers, I’m making leaders. His teachers, peers and future girlfriends may not be a fan of my methods but I’m going to stick with my gut and hopefully raise a respectful young man who doesn’t just play follow the leader for the rest of his life. I want him to be a mover and a shaker, to care for the less fortunate to always be questioning things and living life-like the little wild man he is and on his terms. Of course I want him to respect authority and play by the rules but I don’t want him to just go by all of these things blindly or because he’s been told.

So if he wants to wear a bathing suit to school, okay. On some days he may listens to his teacher and the other he doesn’t, okay well we all have our days don’t we?! I know it won’t be easy and I’m sure Sam and I will end up in the school office more than a handful of times, heck we may even want to pull our own hair out over some of his shenanigans. But in the end it will all be worth it. Because I’d rather him be the wild child he is, then ever dull his sparkle or cage his spirit. So here’s to my wild child and all the explanations I’m going to have to give his principles and teachers in the future! I’m so sorry in advanced but we won’t tame him.



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