Squeeze The Day

Squeeze The Day


For the longest time, I’ve been a full-blown juice cleanse nay sayer. I thought it was the worst thing you could do for your body. But I’ve changed my mind slightly. Juicing, on its own, isn’t bad, it’s those 6 day juice cleanse the world and your body can do without. If our bodies are our temples why would you want an empty temple. You can cleanse your body without depriving it. You can still have those cleansing tonics and concoctions while eating right. Of course not all cleanses are created equal and some of us are one those for health reasons. But I just can’t stand those weight lose cleanses, I mean just because you lose 10 lbs from only living on juice for a week doesn’t mean you’re going to keep it off. You aren’t learning how to eat right or balance a cheat meal into the rest of your routine. You aren’t really learning anything of value. Not to mention all the wasted plastic bottles you are left with once your done that prepackaged trendy cleanse. Instead grab a nutri-bullet or  juicer, and mix it up yourself.

Pinterest is filled with idea and this one is easy, it doesn’t need to look pretty or rainbow-colored (although there are a few I’d like to try) You just need to mix the right ingredients together for what your body might need at that time. Juicing of course has a laundry list of health benefits. But theres one benefit that I didn’t expect. It has really helped with my postpartum anxiety. I don’t know if it’s because I have something to do that’s really just all my own or if it’s all the goodies inside that juice but either way I feel like I can breath again. For a while my over all anxiety had calmed down but there were still times where I couldn’t breath. Sometimes it would happen in the middle of a work out or when I was trying to get ready in the morning but the stress and anxiety was not a welcomed guest. I almost completely had to cut out coffee because the jitters were becoming too much to bear. Then on our trip to Hilton Head we stumbled upon this little market in the sea pines that turned my world around. They had everything from Bee-utiful beet juice mixers to “Morning Glory” juice. The one that really became a favorite of mine had no name and was a new concoction made by the owner Christina. I would go there everyday and we would toss around names while I downed 2 drinks (at least). While I’m not really sure what she ended up naming it I am sure I fell in love with it.

By no means do I call myself an expert juicer, I honestly have no clue what I’m doing thus far but I am a foodie at heart that I know for sure. So when it comes to overall taste/taste testing I know a thing or two. If you like a little spice then this is the drink for you. I’ve also supplied links to other recipes that may be just the fit.


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