Spa Night on a Budget

Lately life has been a little hectic and I’m trying to come up with a way to get some Momma relaxation time on a budget. Yesterday I took the opportunity to use what I have grown in my backyard and turn it into a spa night! At first it was hard to pick myself up and get into it. I sat on my couch for a moment and took in the silence. I started to think, “Eh maybe another night I am too tired!” But then Sam came in and ask me what I was doing. I explained my dilemma  and he encouraged me to get up and go have some me time. It was foreign to me that I needed someone to force me to take some time out for myself.

In my early mid twenties I was notorious for spoiling myself.  So, what happened, where did that woman go?  Sometimes I feel like I don’t push myself enough to do something for me. When it comes to a woman’s priorities we tend to put everything else above our own happiness.  So for the month of August I will be trying to focus on..drum roll please….ME! My bachelorette trip is this month and it Is the last month before wedding planning and work gets tight so I am doin’ it! There I go making excuses for why I need this instead of just acknowledging that I deserve it!

We are all amazing and deserve to feel the same happiness and joy we bring to others. 


While I know everyone knows how to run a bath I figured I would stick a few helpful pointers in for help. A lot I have learned through trial and error.

Always make your bath as hot as possible. You want whatever you are using to have time to soak up in the bath and release the oils inside of it.

Rose Water: There are a few methods to turning your bath water into rose-water. Personal I sprinkle the petals into a scolding hot bath and let them rest in it for a while. If you would like something a little more potent you can make bottles of rose-water for personal use and add a few tablespoons to your bath. At the bottom you can find a quick guide on how to create your own rose-water.

Thyme : To enjoy a Thyme bath tie around 200g of Thyme sprigs together and let this steep in the hot water.

Mint: Add mint leaves to your bath and they will not only refresh and wake up your skin but your senses as well! You can chop leaves and add them or just add leaves whole. It is a way to get the spa experience for less!


Another way to make rose-water:


  • A pot
  • 2 cups distilled water
  • 1-2 cups rose petals (personal preference)
  • 3 spray bottles
  • Strainer
  • Measuring Cup

Boil distilled water or spring water in a pot. Once water comes to a boil you can add your rose petals. Put a lid over it. Turn off burner and transfer to another burner so it has a good amount of time to cool down.

While your water is cooling you can take the time to get your strainer and measuring cup out. Once the water is cold and you have placed the strainer over the measuring cup you can start to pour it into the cup.

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