It’s All About the Investment

It’s All About the Investment

I’m thinking it’s time we all started investing a little more time and energy into OURSELVES. Of course I’ve been outspoken about skin care, especially as we embark into the spring leaving winter in the dust!  I can’t stress enough how important it is to invest in yourself, be it your skin, mental health or even your body taking care of yourself is always important. Before you roll your eyes and think, “Oh great she’s going to talk about fitness” I’m not, not that it isn’t important but today I’m talking about dust, and not just any dust. Dust by the company Moon Juice, it’s a California company owned and operated by an amazing woman, Amanda Chantal Bacon (That last name though). Moon Juice is THE place to go for, “daily nourishment, beauty foods, and high-powered natural remedies.” Honestly I couldn’t have said it any better myself so I took it from the site. I have a lot of products from Moon Juice, they even inspired me to make mushroom protein powder.(Summer recipe to check back for).

Actually Moon Juice even inspired me to start the blog, it was over Memorial Day weekend 2015. My first package had arrived from them. I had order Zeus juice, which is sadly not available on their website, I believe it is still available in stores just not online (BRING IT BACK!), pearl powder, and spirit dust! The Zeus juice was for my husband, at the time he was working in the automotive industry and Zeus juice detoxifies heavy metals and pollutants from your body, so no brainer on that one. Everything else was for me! The spirit dust is a great stress reliever and helped me unwind, which was so needed because this was a stress full period in my life. The pearl powder well that was for my skin. If you couldn’t tell by my investment in La Mer now you know, mama is skin obsessed.? I don’t know what it was but taking control over my health and at least trying something different gave me life. I was a new mom it the middle of it all, planning a wedding, trying to get my body back all while working full-time and figuring out my new life. Maybe it was the spirit dust or my need to find something that was my own but either way it sparked something inside of me. And there you have it, thats how Happily In Style came to be!

Okay, lets get back to talking about the dust! I cannot rave about their collection of dusts enough. I know, you’re probably thinking, “Meg, why are you eating dust, don’t you think that’s kinda weird?!” Well it isn’t exactly “dust” it’s a combination of spices and ground eats such as fruits like goji berries or veggies like shiitake mushrooms. These dust combinations can help with anything from inflammation and anxiety to clearing your skin or helping create clarity of mind. I’ve used Moon Juice products for three years now and I’m their customer for life. The love is real people, it’s real.

At the moment I’m obsessing over a mixture of two dusts. One is a new purchase the brain dust and the other is actually one that I purchased right before I found out I was pregnant. Action dust, seems to have had a name change and is now called power dusts on the website. Now I’m sure you’re wondering why do you have the old one? Well, once I found out I was pregnant I became a little overly cautious with what I would ingest. We’ve had a semi-difficult past with conceiving so I didn’t want to leave anything to chance. Plus, I kept getting conflicting answers when googling/asking my doctor about certain ingredients so I just felt it was safest to wait!

Brain Dust: It provides a joyful, fluid feeling. I feel all around connected and at one with myself. I find it easier to focus and get my work day off to a great start. It has completely replaced my daily cup coffee which is great since I feel as if coffee is a gateway to unhealthy eating. Not only that but it isn’t the greatest for your skin. ( I Gave Up Coffee_ Here’s What Happened to My Skin) Obviously we all lead different lives and our bodies can handle certain things differently. So please don’t think I’m shaming coffee or any of you who drink it! It just simply doesn’t work for ME and my body!

Action/Power Dust: I love making a shake with this before a work out. Whether it’s barre or just go ole’ cardio this stuff really packs a punch and helps keep me going during an intense work out! It’s also helpful in the metabolism department. Which is a great for me because my metabolism is in slow mo. A cheat MEAL for me leads to 4 lbs gained while someone else might be able to have a full cheat day and only gain 1lb. We all have our gifts and my metabolic rate isn’t one of mine. (To you goddesses out there who do have a great met. I’m jealous and also happy for you at the same time?)


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