Skin Care Lines That Really Care for Your Skin

Skin Care Lines That Really Care for Your Skin

Y’all know I love to talk skin care and of course with the holidays coming up I’m all about giving skin care products as gifts. They are a great gift for anyone and in my opinion it’s a truly meaningful gift because we all want great skin but sometimes the price tags can be to high. I have to admit recently I’ve felt a little tempting to buy into a few brands that you yourself might see everywhere as well. Brands like Rodan & Fields, Work IT, Beachbody, etc. have been clogging up my newsfeed. We all have that friend, she’s got her side hustle going strong and she’s trying to sell you one of the above products. Let me be clear, before you continue reading, hats off to them because it ain’t easy having a side hustle, this mama knows that! And I’m not about to tell you to avoid these products or companies. Try them, use them, see if you like, love, or loathe them. Just because it’s an MLM doesn’t mean the products and services are junk. It all depends on you, we are all individual, so don’t knock it before you try it!

For instance when it comes to skin, I’m not going to say don’t use these products I haven’t done enough research and I haven’t even tried them. For two main reason, I do not agree with the “ingredients” (chemicals) they use in their products and they are too pricey for this mama of two.  But that is my opinion, only you know what ingredients YOU as a consumer feel comfortable using on your skin, and what works for you might not work for me. So if you’re reading this in hopes that I’ll, “spill the tea” on MLM skin care lines, please look else where. Like I said I don’t use them which means, I can’t comment on them. Whether it’s because my skin is too sensitive for even their most sensitive of skin care lines or because they don’t meet my beauty standards…

  • Euro Approved
  • Organic,
  • Plant-base.

 But that doesn’t mean you can’t give them a whirl. Now, back to the good stuff. I have good news for those of you who, like me, can’t wear those products but want that extra luster. I have alternatives for you. I understand they are expensive you can’t even test them out before your use them. So don’t fret I got you, girl! I’ve put together a great list of everything from masks to skin serum that any skin care lover could hope for this holiday season. Plus you won’t have to break the bank every month. I’ve used most of these products daily and have been able to use them for 2 months or more! Now you won’t feel FOMO when your scroll through and see all those amazing before and after shots filling your feed!

To be honest, I do have one brand on this list that is considered an MLM and some of their products are pricey. Beautycounter, I’ve used the brand since it was sold at Target and was unaware until recently that they had fully made the shift over to consultant sales. Luckily I know a friend! Everything is under 50 with one exception, the Beautycounter Rejuvenating Day Cream. It is a god sent, but it’s a cool $73. I know, I know, that is a lot of money. But the first time I lathered this silky cream on my face I knew I didn’t waste a dime. So trust me it is totally worth it.

Products I Love

The Brands That Make Them

  • Beauty Counter – Is a female founded business dedicated to giving consumers quality products. When they founder, Gregg Renfrew, found out that skin care products are NOT regulated like other products, she felt a need to do something about it.
  • Well People – A premium non-toxic plant-based make up and skin care line that this mama is OBSESSED with. Shirley Pinkson, James Walker and Renée Snyder M.D. are the amazing team behind the plant-based line.
  • FIG + YARROW – Founder Brandy Monique is all about sticking to the purist standards and you can see that in the products she makes. This is another company that again lists every ingredient they use with detail so check out the site for more!
  • Mario Badescu – A company that’s been in business for 50 years, their mission statement is, “Simple, gentle, effective skin care”. When people in the industry were using anything and everything Mario thought, big picture and created a line that really cares for you skin!
  • Kiehl’s – They’ve been in business for 165 years and in this skin care lovers opinion they’ve  basically written the book on good skin care and the ingredients that go in your products.

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