Simply Meant To Be

Simply Meant To Be

Valentine’s Day has always been a favorite holiday of mine. I believe I’ve written before about how my mom always managed to make it special day for me. Because of this, growing up I was a firm believer that Valentine’s Day wasn’t just for couples to celebrate. It was and still is a holiday simply meant for everyone. A gift for a a loved one, a friend or maybe even just showing yourself a little self love, there is more to this holiday then meets the eye!

In true Taurus fashion, I love to use the holiday as an excuse to indulge in a few pieces I’ve had my eye on. Like a pretty little beaded necklace from The Giving Key or a moderately priced piece of wall art I’ve have in my cart for a little now. Don’t get me wrong flowers are great and of course you can never go wrong with chocolate BUT I think you’ll agree anything on the below list would be a great addition to anyone’s life, home, or wardrobe.

Shop Planners – I love this gift for its practicality. I choose a Bando planner because it’s a fun twist on organization. Although Bando is currently sold out of all their planners I was able to find a new on Amazon.

Meant Simply –  Meant Simply is a company with a mission to make your shower more minimalistic. They have a collection of products with multiple uses. Their Absolute Balm has kept my skin smooth and nourished all winter long. It is one of my favorite all-purpose salves. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve taken this out of my purse throughout the day.

Lively Lingerie – I’ll be going into more detail on this in a up and coming post but I think a little more self-love is needed when in comes to the under garments we choose. Lively not just a company that makes quality bras, bralettes and other undergarments. They do it all with a mission, female empowerment and freedom! They have a lot of great options for all shapes and sizes! This is of course more of a traditional Valentines gift so if you’re buying for yourself or someone a little more unique maybe instead of bras and underwear go with one of their amazing bodysuits.

Egyptian Magic – Don’t let the label fool you on this one, I’ve even used it on my hair. This is a great product for someone with a busy schedule that doesn’t like to carry a lot with them throughout the day!

The Giving Key – This is a company that gives back to the homeless community. Each key is made by someone transitioning out of homelessness. If that doesn’t have you sold on this one maybe the fact that each key has a kind word of motivation on it will. You can even get your own word or 9 letter phrase stamped on one as well.

Luna Reece Ceramic Flower Pots – We all know a plant lover this hand-made ceramic pots are a sweet  addition to any ones sill. They also make trays and mugs so you can definitely find something for everyone.

Rae Dunn Heart Mug – If you don’t know who Rae Dunn is I’m here to tell you that you do, you just don’t know it. She makes everything including mugs, trays, flower pots, and even pet bowls. You’ll know something was designed by her because of the simplicity of her designs, usually it is a mug with one word on it like my blessed mug I’ve Instagramed many times, Of course her logo is on the bottom of all her products so be on the look out next time you’re walking through the kitchen aisle at T.J.Maxx!

Wall Art – Home decor is something we all love but it isn’t always on the top of anyones much purchase list. Which is why is makes a great gift. I love buying people things they would want that they normally wouldn’t purchase for themselves, aka wall art.

Odeme Nail Polish – I mean do I really need to explain, nail polish is always a fun gift but these funky colors from J.Crew and Odeme are sure to be a people pleaser!


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