Series: Being A Tourist In Your Own City

Series: Being A Tourist In Your Own City

Winter has been known to make Sam and I get a little wonky. So whether it’s with the kids or just the two of us, we love to travel. But traveling all winter long isn’t realistic for our lives. Our jobs are more stationary (not complaining!!) and we don’t want to constantly have the boys on the go. Let’s be real, this family works better on a schedule?. But still we love to travel and see the sights.

So what is a family of movers and shakers supposed to do from January to March? Why become tourists of course, yes, you read that right. Tourists, in our own city! Trying out all the things that either one or more of us hasn’t done, even going places we’ve already been. Nothing is out of the question as far as I’m concerned! The best part is I’m letting you all in on the fun. I’m creating a blog series about traveling in your own city! It may be a guide to the best farmers markets in town or even just the best walking trails I’ve found. Every month I’ll come up with a new guide of fun things to do in Philadelphia.

To start the series off right, tonight I’m remaking one of our new favorite recipe, brussel sprout tacos. We recently sample this deliciousness while out celebrating our anniversary.

A little back story: In the beginning of our relationship I was living still living in the city. Most of the time I would make him come to me so a lot of our dates were in my favorite city, the city of brotherly love! (The picture of the city (above) is from one of Sam and I’s first dates. We went on a walk around Queens Village and got lost talking.

So when Sam planned our first wedding anniversary he took that into account. We went back to every restaurant we had been to in our first year of dating. I’m not going to lie even I (who isn’t a huge fan of romance) swooned when I realized what he was up to. We started with The Twisted Tail (great live music and southern cooking) for an early lunch, then drinks at The Plough & the Stars (amazing atmosphere and tapas) and later another couple of rounds at Cuba Libre (Holy Mojito). I suggest you try these restaurants, as they are fantastic choices that have never disappointed us. Each one is different from the next so I’ve provided links to each restaurant. All you have to do is click the name of the restaurant and you’ll be lead to their website.

Sadly, the one restaurant we couldn’t get to was Xochitl. If you haven’t been it’s another one I suggest you try. Margaritas to die for and a customizable guac that’s a 10! It also happens to be right across the street from my old apartment and the fountain where he asked me to be his girlfriend. They open around 5 and we were there for a early day/afternoon romantic pub crawl ? So it didn’t work out.

But of course now I was craving tacos. As any Philly girl knows there’s El Vez (EVERYONE I know loves this place) but I’ll admit it isn’t really my style. So with no other real options we turned to google for advice. By a stroke of luck we found this little gem, Sancho Pistola’s in Northern Liberties. If you live in the area and are looking for a place for date night, or a girls night I totally suggest it. They have a great lunch list and an even better dinner menu! We sampled a bit of everything from their lunch menu. All of it was AMAZING! But the brussel sprout tacos were everything. Since then I haven’t been able to get them out of my mind. Below I’ve put together a recipe that might keep you satisfied until you get to taste Sancho for yourself.

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