Series: A Few of My Favorite Things

Series: A Few of My Favorite Things

This week the weather has gotten chiller again and it hopes of feeling some spring heat I’ve turned to online shopping! That’s right I’m getting my wardrobe ready for the coming spring and summer. I don’t care if the weather forecast says snow in the Katz house it’s looking like spring! This week Sam and I will be embarking in a pie making contest so check back for more on that as well as some of my favorite beauty buys! Hope you all have a fabulous start to your week ? This week I have a few new weekly obsession that I just can’t get enough of!


I keep circling back to old photos of springs past for a little pick me up whenever it starts to rain or get a little chillier then I’d like. I found this gem from last summer when I first started the blog.


A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a giveaway filled with amazing goodies for Bodhi and Gunnar. I’m starting to receive some of my winnings which has definitely gotten me super excited for Bodhi’s arrival! He is just a taste of what he will be sporting for his first days of life. Mommy, Daddy and Gunnar can’t wait to meet you little bird!


With the idea of spring dancing around in my head I can’t help but be drawn to all my favorite statement necklaces and bangles. This week definitely called for a wardrobe change over including my accessories.


I’ve finally had enough time to play around with my new look and I’m loving how easy it is to curl. Another plus has been the fact that my hair actually keeps a curl now. When my hair was long it really didn’t keep a curl well it was to heavy now I can literally curl in at 7am and by 8pm it’s still going strong!


Cashews have become a major must this week! My favorites are roasted unsalted cashews, later in the week I will be sharing my favorite recipe for cashew milk so check back for that!

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