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Today is a special day for Sam and I. Today three years ago is the day that changed everything. Three years ago today I found out I was pregnant with Gunnar. It still feels like yesterday that I was sitting in my room wide-eyed staring down at a test I was almost 100% certain was going to come back negative. The rain was tapping at my window and I remember thinking…”No way!” as that second line appeared. I was both excited and terrified all at the same time. In that moment I knew IMG_2472life would never be the same. Once the panic settled and I was able to calm myself down. I called Sam and told him we needed to talk in person. We had just broken up and weren’t exactly on speaking terms so I could feel the panic is his voice as he forced out a shaky,”Uh, okay. Everything alright?”

I quickly quieted that conversation before I exploded and asked him to please make time to come over as soon as possible. Later that night we were face to face and I was certain I was going to puke all over him. It took all I had in me to muster up the courage to say one short but impactful phrase. “I’m pregnant.” He just stared at me jaw dropped in that moment you could hear a pin drop. Not five-minute went by before I started running my mouth about my opinion on the matter (which is something I’m very good at?) Finally he spoke, and what he said I’ll never forget. “Well, I guess I’m going to have to learn prenatal yoga with you then.” Mind you all of this IMG_1898was said while he started to go into a position that vaguely reminded me of downward dog. I tried to control myself, after all this was serious stuff.  But of course it wasn’t long before he had me teary eyed with laughter.

From there on out we embarked on a new adventure one we were totally unfamiliar with. In the years to come we would learn so much, not only about pregnancy and parenting but about each other. We’ve had good times and less than perfect times but either way I wouldn’t want anyone but my husband by my side through it all.

IMG_1906Now as we prepare for our second little miracle, it’s truly crazy to think of what a wild ride we’ve been on. As we prepare for our little Bodhi bear to enter the world I’ve started to think about what it was like with our first as opposed to our second.

Rules of our First Child

  • No electronics (Pretty proud of us on this one Gunnar didn’t become a tv baby until around a year old **High Five Mommy and Daddy**
  • No “binkies” ( I held out a good three-four months before I finally caved)
  • No sleeping in our bed (that lasted all of two minutes)
  • He would learn sign Language (Never did get around to that)
  • Breastfeed ONLY (Sadly I couldn’t produce enough fat in my milk. Like I always say a happy mama makes a happy baby!)
  • All organics ( It’s still a dream of mine mostly we eat organic but there is still that 10% I’m trying to get out of our pantry)

Rules for Baby #2

  • Just roll with it (I know this will make for more enjoyment in the first months with our new littleIMG_0415 boy)
  • Never second guess myself (Motherhood is different for everyone being different doesn’t make you a bad mom. Only you know what your babies need not society.)
  • Have fun!! (Need I say more?!)


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