Oh Happy Monday!!!

It was a great holiday weekend, lots of fun and laughter with my nearest and dearest I can even say I didn’t go over board with the sweets and dinner choices. With that said I still want to keep moving and watching what I eat. When it comes to the holidays I just don’t trust myself. One minute I could be doing great the next I’m surrounded my cookies and chocolate covered everything. So I amIMG_2518 keeping up with it and thankfully this Monday I’m feeling fantastic! Last night I was feeling a little down but I think with an early morning work out and some delicious eats I’ll be on my way to a happy Monday!

This morning I’m not feeling too hungry  so I decided on something filling but still light. I stole some chocolate chip granola from my son and chopped up some strawberries. I drizzled a little honey and a dash of organic brown sugar and I was ready to eat! Since I’ve pumped up my work out routine I decided I needed to add a little more calcium into the mix!

With a morning like this I am so excited to start the day. A good exercise routine and a balanced meal can really make a difference. Even if you don’t start out your day like you originally wanted to there’s always time to turn it around. If you have a positive outlook and maybe a deliciously healthy sweet treat on hand, your good to go!

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