Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale : Gifts For Dad

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale : Gifts For Dad

Soon we will be saying our sweet goodbyes to May and a nice big, “Hello!” to June. June brings the start of summer and a very special holiday. Father’s Day, and this years Father’s Day is a pretty special one in our home.  See I hate to admit but I’ve been a bad wife, this will be the first year we can afford to get Sammy a gift. Years prior I’d bake him something special or cook him his favorite meal to show him how much we truly appreciate everything he does for us. See between becoming new parents and spending every cent on diapers and formula, and then the next year turning into the year of spending with  a combination of getting married, buying a house, and having another baby (Yes, all in that order). I was never able to get the money together to get him the gifts he deserves. But oh boy have I saved for this years gift, every year Mother’s Day comes and goes and I end up with a mountain of gifts and flowers and then he gets shafted. Yes I know I’m the one that did the pushing but let’s be real here my husband does more than his fair share of parenting. So this year is super special, really it feels like Christmas a bit. Sam does so much for us not only as family but for me as the most amazing husband and best friend. He calms me down and keeps me ground while I work through my postpartum anxiety. And always know how to make each boy feel special and loved in their own way. He isn’t quick to anger and he likes to find the truth and good in every situation. The least I could do is get him the gift of his dreams, and of course while I know he would say, “the only gift I want is us together as a family.” Still I know he won’t turn down whatever we give him.

While I already have a thing or two in mind for him this year, there is also the amazing and well-known Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale going on, lucky duck! So even though I won’t be spilling any beans on what he is getting just yet I am leaving you with a list of affordable gifts that will be sure to put a smile on Dad’s face without breaking the bank!


– Gifts For Dad Under $60 –


– Gifts For Dad $65-$100 –

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