No Sleep Till August…Maybe

No Sleep Till August…Maybe

Well, I must say my worst decision in life so far without a doubt has been the great idea to get Gunnar a “big boy” bed. Oh what a fool I was. I thought it would be fun and exciting, a new house, new room, so of course a new bed. Well, like I said I was wrong, oh boy was I wrong.  Between he and Bodhi I just can’t get any sleep. All week my little one wouldn’t go to sleep without ticking and screaming until 1 am. Then from the hours of 2am to 4am Bodhi feels the need to kick and move about. I feel like the boys somehow had a secret meeting and decided they would start sleep training me instead of the other way around. I’ve woken up with Gunnar starring at me, jumping on me and Bodhi, oh Bodhi, this little one likes to go right for my ribs.

When is comes to Bodhi there isn’t really much I can do but just wait it out, but with Gunnie I knew I had to stay strong and not break. I have no problem with co-sleeping and Sam and I both don’t mind letting Gunnar sleep in our bed. The reason I am so adamant about him sleeping in his own room is because soon the baby will be here and I can’t handle all four of us stuffed in one room together, I’ll loose it. I had to stand my ground or I would be sleep training both of them at the same time and I’d probably end up a sleep deprived mess which isn’t good for anyone. Regardless of if it was 9pm or 1am that kid was going to sleep in his bed not ours!

That is until the first night came, yea I broke my number one rule, the one thing I said wasn’t going to happen happened. I let the little banshee sleep in our room…andd maybe stay up late and watch T.V. I know, I know what on God’s green earth was I thinking. Well, I wasn’t thinking I was so starved for sleep that I just needed him to sleep I needed it more then anything. But as I suspected it made it harder to get him to sleep in his room for the rest of the week. So at this point I’m writing from the end of the sleep training tunnel and after we’ve literally tired everything I’m ready to share with the rest of you!

  1. The Whine: I don’t think I need to explain this one in too much detail. We’ve all been there. You’ve read the store, given the back, arm, neck, whatever rub and then as you walk out you hear it, “Mommmyy” Now of course you want to walk back in, we all feel bad when they are asking for us. But I’ve found that after the fifth time it’s best to just walk away. Stay close by to make sure they don’t lock themselves in or hurt themselves but still keep your distance if you can!
  2. Story Time: The Jelly cat series offers a wide variety of books that can match of with certain stuffed animals. For our little bean The Magic Bunny did just the trick. 
  3. The Talk: Get on his or her level explain to them that everyone is going to sleep. Mommy is going to sleep, Daddy is going to sleep, even their favorite toy is going to sleep. I’ve spent a good 15 minutes listing different people and items that were now going to sleep and in the end he finally gets it. Sometimes this method is amazing and work great sometimes it doesn’t work at all. We try to only work it into out routine like 2 times a week to keep it fresh.
  4. Dad: Sometimes this is the only thing that can help. Gunnar will listen to whatever my husband tells him to do. If he says go to bed, Gunnie will get right in bed. Where as when I do it he just screams, “NO” really loud till I give up. So I suggest you try this one out if like me your child lacks



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