Night in before Chucktown

This week has been a little stressful for me. Tomorrow my friends and I are heading to Charleston for my bachelorette trip. Don’t get me wrong I am extremely excited for this trip. It has been awhile since I’ve actually been able to get out and let loose. But the days leading up to this trip have been busy.  So tonight I decided I was taking it easy. Yes I will be away for three days but I still deserve one night in the home I just spent the entire week cleaning. When Sam got home he told me to get up stairs  immediately and watch Netflix.

How could I pass that up?! I couldn’t and I didn’t. Finally, it was here the day before my trip and I was really able to get excited. In the beginning I wanted my bachelorette trip to be quick easy and low-key. I haven’t been out much since our son was born and I am not complaining about that at all. My partying days are over. But, once I was finally able to relax and let my tension for the trip go away a little release didn’t seem like a bad idea. Sometimes I feel like we moms get so caught up in making sure everything goes smoothly that we don’t give ourselves the vacation we deserve. Here I was about to go away for 3 whole days and all I could think about was how I hoped Sam had enough socks.

I stopped myself from over thinking and took the time to enjoy the moment laying there… not cooking dinner, not doing laundry, and most definitely not running after the little dude. Just laying there watching scary movies (yes, I am a horror film junkie) and thinking about all the things I would get to do on vacation. I started to look through the app store on my phone. Trying to find apps for Charleston started to help me get excited about the trip. I found a few great ones that showed me some local festivities and games with a bachelorette twist to get the party going. I finally felt that excitement I had waited for!!! It is hard to let go of the control we moms have over everyday life.  I feel like part of the problem is that I can sometimes feel guilty for having fun without my son. The other part of it is that I focus so much on trying to make everything perfect for my family that sometimes I forget about myself. Sam is always telling me to just relax and let it wait. Usually I ignore him but tonight that is exactly what I am going to do!

IMG_0617   I enclosed a picture of the meal Sam made me for dinner tonight. Another example of why it is good to just sit back and relax…sometimes you even get a lobster roll out of it!!



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