My Little Turkey

My Little Turkey

As we ramp up for the holiday season that is less than a week away I’m starting to get excited for whats to come. I thought Gunnar was starting to understand holiday festivities last year but I was wrong. This year is finally THE year. He gets it and he wants all of it! He’s already finished his list for Santa and we’ve started getting the trees step for him to really feel the holiday spirit. I know what you’re thinking, yes we’ve done it again, last year I loved having the tree up early. As I’ve explained, while my job does involve a lot more than just selling, when it comes to the holidays it’s all about the selling. This leave little room for me to enjoy the holidays with my boys so in this house we start early and we go full on holiday. I’ll admit this year I’ve gone a little over board. Not only are we setting up our main tree but I got to baby trees. One for Gunnar and one for Bodhi, I couldn’t help myself (as usual). I wanted to decorate a small tree for Bodhi’s first Christmas so we could have a little photo session. As any mom of two knows, you can’t do something for one of them and not the other. So, they both get trees!

While I love Christmas  and all the festivities along with it, I still believe that all holidays deserve to be cherished and celebrated. This will be our first official holiday as a family of 4 and it’s a little stressful. I’ve been consumed for weeks by what everyone will be wearing. Obviously, Sam and I are easy no stress with that. Even Bodhi will be a breeze because well he doesn’t even know what his toes are so I don’t think he will care about his outfit. There’s just one more person I have to worry about. Oh I’m sorry did I saw worry, I meant battle. Getting Gunnar to wear anything I pick out for him has become a challenge. If it doesn’t have Batman or Thomas the tank on it he won’t go for it. I know it part it is he love for the characters on said shirt but I think it also has something to do with the fact that whenever he wears them someone points and says, “Hey buddy nice shirt is that *insert characters name*?” So the attention each shirt brings probably helps too. But I’m sick of both Thomas and Batman and I know my little dude. He loves comfort more than both of those characters. So with that in mind I’m happy is say we’ve got a winner!!!

Thankfully I found a new brand to help me with my current dilemma, ILY. They not only create beautiful pieces for your every day and evening they also make some of the most stylishly festive holiday sweatshirts. Pieces this mama just can’t resist. For our first holiday of the season Gunnie will be sporting this adorable sweatshirt paired with a baby version of a Chelsea boot from Gap. The cutest denim pants with a little flannel cuff accent will complete this Turkey day inspired toddler look.


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