My Little Music Man

My Little Music Man

I’m turning Gunnar into a little music man! Sam comes from a very musical family, you can find them all gathered together singing carols and playing the piano and pretty much any family function. In the beginning of our relationship I was a bit of an outsider to this tradition. I come from a very Irish background and we don’t sing. Sure we still have great holiday memories but usually theres laughter and a little spirits involved ? So I would often just sit there and watch them. It always reminded me of those christmas movies that would play during the holidays. Everyone coming together to celebrate the joy and spirit of christmas and I loved it. Even now while I am no longer an outsider, I still like to just sit there and watch them. It’s a beautiful site to see!

So of course, with all this love of music once we had Gunnar we were happily flooded with IMG_0695musical baby gifts. One aunt gave him a little blue piano another gifted him a couple of guitars and I know one of them out there is secretly hiding a drum set somewhere just waiting for him to hit the perfect age.  With all these musical instruments I was excited to get started! There was just one little problem. I’m musically challenged and had no idea what to do with any of these instruments. What was I going to do? I wouldn’t dare give them away they were priceless. I knew one day I would finally figure out how we could use them together.

Well, today is that day! We are ready, finally I have mustered up the courage to play with my child’s instrument. Yes, I know that sounds silly but alas it is true I’ve been scared. Sam’s mother and sister have beautiful voices and are just as amazing with a piano in front of them. His entire family could basically sing on key the entire time they bake a cake FROM SCRATCH while standing on one foot. So coming from a family where take out was the norm and singing was left to the cartoons in the movies it was a little intimidating. Not to mention my child spends a lot of time with his grandma and aunt so to hear them sing and then me sing…well I can imagine Gunnar letting out a couple giggles.

Finally though I decided to stop caring. As his mother it’s my job to teach him how to love both your strengths and your weaknesses. I can’t hide behind my fears because that isn’t an example I want to show my son. So we have start music class. Every Sunday we set the afternoon before nap time aside and we play our IMG_1129instruments. It took some extra effort but we are starting to get the hang out it. I have to wake up a little earlier in the morning and move some things around but it creates less of a distractions. Once “class” starts we set up our favorite stuffed animals and we put on a concert for them. Music is a great way to exercise the creative side of his brain. I don’t want the learning to stop once he gets home. At the same time I want to keep it fresh and fun! So I’ve add in some songs about counting and the alphabet. If we play some instruments while we practice our A,b,c’s and 1,2,3’s he is a little more excited about it.  As of now we are working with his little blue piano and the xylophone. Every few weeks we will bring a new instrument into the mix and seeing how he and I do.

It’s important to me that we get time just Gunnie and I before his little brother enters into the world! We are both so excited for the new baby. Every day Gunnar wakes up and says, “Hello, baby!” and gives my belly a hug and a kiss. I must admit I get a little teary eyed over the cuteness. At the same time I want to make these next few months special for him. They will be his last months as the only baby in our home. It makes me a little sad to think about it only because he is our first. We were so new, two young idiots with no clue how to raise a tiny human. Thankfully with a lot of hopeAA142CAB-737E-4BE0-AD74-1AA9A3993687 and help from both of our parents we finally have it some-what figured out. We are so happy for our new bundle of joy but as we embark on another one of life’s journeys it’s crazy to remember how far we’ve come.

So here’s to the memories we have and the memories we are creating!!!


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