My Favorite Halloween Tradition

My Favorite Halloween Tradition

It’s that time of year again, the pumpkin spiced coffee, warm apple cider and lets not forget the hay rides and scarecrow festivals. It is the spookiest time of year and probably one of my favorites. It’s especially great when you have children. Building new memories and traditions with them, it really is exciting. What we do now will spiral into great family stories and fun times we laugh about together as they grow. There is one tradition however that I can’t share with them just yet. It’s one that was HUGE in my house growing up. Forget the pumpkin carving and hay rides, growing up, my family just wasn’t about that. You could even say, hat we did to commemorate the change in seasons might be frowned upon today. Horror movie marathons, yes my parents had us watching the thriller and horror section as early as four years-old (don’t judge). My favorite memory as a child was creating  blanket bed on the floor of our living room, curl up with my stuff crust pizza and watch movies like E.T, Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Monster Squad and so many other amazing horror classics.

Of course I don’t want the boys to grow up too quickly, but seeing as how it is inevitable that they do grow up, at least I have the bonus of knowing soon enough we can share one of my favorite fall tradition together! For now I will just wait till bedtime and make my husband join in on the celebration! I’m sure as we get closer to Halloween I’ll come out with a few more but below you will find a list of some of my tried and true favorites. A lot of them are great because they have sequels so be ready to settle in for a what could be an entire weekend of bingeing on a couple great horror movie marathons. Happy Haunting!

Tried and True 

  1. Halloween – this one could take a while, not only are there several sequels but Halloween also has some pretty sweet remakes made by Rob Zombie.
  2. The Monster Squad – One of my all time favorites. It incorporates all of Halloween’s finest classic villains into one awesome 80’s classic.
  3. Alien – It is always great to throw a little Sci Fi into your horror marathon mix. A movie like this or even Body Snatchers is a prefect way to mix up the night.
  4. Byzantium – No Halloween horror movie marathon list would be complete without at least on vampire flick. This one is a favorite of mine, that’s all I’m going to say so go watch it! This or Dracula (1993) and you should be good on the vampire vibes.
  5. Goonies – I’m not even going to explain why. If you need me to explain why then you should already be watching it. Literally stop reading now and go.
  6. Wes Craven’s New Nightmare – A sequel to an original but still just as good.
  7. The Witches – This one is close to my heart, I’d watch this one every weekend I spent at my English grandmother’s house.
  8. The Conjuring (1&2) – CREEEPPPYY but a must.
  9. The Babadook – Personally I hate this movie, I hate it because it freaks me out so much I’ve only watched it once and once was enough for me. It was recommended to me by a friend who also shares a love of horror films. The film starts off slow and eerie but once it picks up watch out. I consider it to be a great staple to the list but you won’t catch me watching it again. A girl needs to sleep!!
  10. Rocky Horror Picture Show – I’ve saved the best for last and it’s another one I don’t think I have to explain. It’s a staple when we are talking about Halloween movies and it’s actually the first “scary” movie I ever watched at age 4 ( Good looking out mom and dad?) . It’s more of a musically but that’s all I’m going to say because I’m not going to ruin it for those few who haven’t seen it. It is definitely too good to be missed.


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