Motherhood Update: Bodhi at 2 Month

Motherhood Update: Bodhi at 2 Month

Wow, two months with my little Bodhi blue. I can’t believe it honestly. It feels like ever since he arrived things have moved at a very rapid pace. Maybe its been all the running around that fall can bring or maybe its just that with two little ones moments go by so much quicker. We are a little over a week away from celebrating his first Halloween a memory I won’t soon forget, his just major holiday. Oh, I’m SO excited to share his Halloween costume with you guys. Soon we will be caving pumpkins and carting Gunnie around for his first trick-or-treating experience and while I haven’t decided if it will be warm enough for Bodhi I am excited for all the fun to start!  In only two shorts months we’ve definitely built a lot of those, long-lasting memories and even though he won’t remember them Gunnie, Sam and I will.

Favorite Memories Thus Far: 

  1. His first smile is a favorite of mine and it happened just when I needed it the most. I haven’t been shy about my postpartum experience. It has been a little difficult to cope with my hormone levels changing as they do after pregnancy and I’m experiencing some anxiety because of it. I remember one time in particular where I was finding it hard to just breath and get through it. Gunnar was destroying the house, Bodhi was crying for more milk and probably from exhaustion because lets me honest who can sleep in a house with a banshee two-year old. There I was feeling a combination of emotions, including fear, anxiety, angry and sadness. I went over to Bodhi’s crib to get him for his feeding when all of a sudden he stopped crying. In that same moment I looked up to see Gunnar had calmed down and was sitting peacefully coloring in one of his books. Finally I could breath again. When I looked back down at Bodhi there it was, an enormous smile that could brighten even the darkest night. I melted, not only did I melt but so did all of my anxiety and fear.
  2. We took the boys to the pumpkin patch this past Sunday and of course who could miss Gunnie having so much fun in the dirt and mud with his Thomas the Tank. We saw sheep and goats and little wiener dogs race (yes you read that right, our town is full of interesting traditions ?)  While all of this was going on, little Bodhi aka Mr.Particular was staring out into the crowd with a look of annoyance and disgusted that was truly a sight to be seen. In that moment he was more I knew, he was just like his daddy. He and he father are both very happy and inviting people but just like his father if he isn’t feeling it, you know! Getting to see his personality traits and who he may be more like is a fun experience.
  3. Any and every moment when Gunnar and Bodhi are together. Gunnar LOVES his little brother so much that we actually have to tell him to chill a little when it comes to touching him. I hate to even tell him not to touch Bodhi but Gunnie’s favorite spot to touch him has become the soft spot on the top of his head. So yeahh telling him “no” is a must at this point.
  4. The moment I got to dress him in his Halloween costume and of course this outfit shown  both above and in a few action shots below. The amount of faces and emotions this little babe has at only 2 months old is a sure sign he’s an old soul. And right about now that old soul is probably wonder, “Why in god’s name did I pick this family, this woman is NUTS. What am I wearing?!” ?

So there you have another month with our little pumpkin ? Below you can see a few of those faces I was talking about!!!



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