Monthly Motherhood Update: Bodhi at 4 Months

Monthly Motherhood Update: Bodhi at 4 Months

What a month its been for our little Bodhi Bear, he’s accomplished many firsts recently and we couldn’t be prouder. We’ve even been lucky enough to witness a lot of his firsts together on our trip to Hawaii. A lot of Gunnar’s first were at work with me which meant that Sam didn’t really get to experience them first hand. So you can image how excited he was to witness the wonder and excitement in Bodhi’s eyes when first trying each new experience.

Thus far he is pretty excited about most experiences. He has rolled over and is determined to go on to the next task of sitting up and staying up. I must say Bodhi is a big fan of the ocean and Hawaii seems to suit him well. Only time will tell if he’s as into the ocean and all its beauty as his mama. One thing we can say is this boy loves the sand just as much as his older brother.

A Few Of Bodhi’s Firsts

1. His first food: Green beans: Really this one happened at 2 months olds. We kept quiet about it because neither of us felt like hearing grief from others. Everyone has their own opinion on when you should start introducing food and I’ll cover our personal experience in a post a little bit later but yea we started early and it was the best thing we could have done!

2. First plane trip: Well we did it at almost 4 months old our little bear went on his first
plane ride. Gunnies was almost a year old for his first so we really didn’t know what to expected when it came to taking a 4 month old on a plane. I mean really we didn’t know what to expect with taken him plus Gunnie ( 3 years old). I’ll admit it wasn’t as bad as we had thought.

3. Sleeping in his crib: CRAZY!!! I wasn’t sure if this would ever happen but we got there. I don’t know how many nights it will happen now that we are home but I’m hopeful. We finally were able to get Bodhi to sleep on his own in a crib and yes, through the night. I know, I know, I’ll be over here accepting high fives from all my fellow mamas all week! We all know these moments should always be celebrated. I don’t know if it was the heat, or the type of crib maybe even the natural sounds of the Maui beaches, insects and birds but something about Maui got him to be a little more independent and this mama is lovin’ it! I may even have to go buy a CD of Maui sounds just to test it out! ?

4. His first sandy beach extrusion: So far all signs point to a little beach lover just like his big brother. The awe and wonder in Bodhi’s eye matches that of Gunnie’s the very first time he saw that big beautiful blue “puddle” as he has deemed it. I’m from a family of beach lovers, we grew up summering in Hilton Head and later once we got a little older, we moved the summers to Sea Isle City. So having my boys love beach days and time in the water as much as I, is amazing.

5. Perfecting the roll: I wrote about Bodhi’s need to move last time and how he was already rolling over. Well he has since perfected that and moved on to sitting up. He truly doesn’t want to stop for anything. I have a feeling we will have an earlier walker with this one. The entire flight home I had to stand him in certain positions because he didn’t want to sit or be held. Nope our little i bear wanted to standing and watching everything that was going on around him.

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