Mind Games

Mind Games

If you live in the Northeast you know the weather is playing mind games with us at the moment. On Wednesday I wore a black jumper today it’s sweater weather. One minute spring has sprung, a minute later and we are back to old man winter. Personally I’m a spring mama, I was born in the spring, I am a floral girl, so spring is like prime time for me. We all have our season, some of us rock the layers and booties other know how to turn winter transition into the next hot trend. It all depends on when and what makes you feel most comfortable. Spring just happens to be it for me. The floral dresses, rompers with denim jackets, it literally sounds like heaven to my ears.

The first day of spring also happens to be less than 30 days away so in honor of my favorite time of year I’ve put together a little starter list of spring must have items. Even better almost all of it is from Shopbop (one of my favorite retailer) oh and ready for this, everything is under $55. No need to thank you, I’m helping all of us here! With a budget by my side I can’t spend like I used to but thankfully a retailer like Shopbop has something for everyone, include this mama! With a new home/home improvements and a new baby to worry about it can be hard to  So lets get ready for the sun, the blooms and all the fun spring holds!


***Each piece is linked! So feel free to click on individual items and it will take you the site where you can purchase!***


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