I think we millennials feel this insane need to compare ourselves to one another. Whether it’s comparing ourselves and where we are our life journey to silly little things like seeing other go on adventures while you feel stuck working your 9-5 job, or comparing how many likes you get on a photo of your baby to another mom. We can sometimes get caught up in the thick of things.

I’m not going to lie I’ve always bragged about this not being the case with me. And while that may deserve and eye roll and a swift click of the “x” button aka leaving this post just wait and hear me out first. There is also something else that plagues my generation, S-T-R-E-S-S. So while person x, y and z are busy comparing themselves to some else’s life; I, me, Meghan Katz, am over in the other corner rocking myself to sleep at night because I’m so stressed out about everything. Even the good moments give me stress because I’m too focused on their impending end.

So I guess my point is we all have our own issues. So while some may need to stop comparing, I (me) needs to stop stressing. But how are we suppose to do that when our entire society is wired this way. It’s a question I’ve often asked myself, it feels as though we set ourselves up for constant failure. Running around trying to be this perfect version of ourselves instead of just being ourselves. Live life like this is only delaying the inevitable. And if the inevitable is us being our authentic selves than why are we fighting it?

Just take a moment and forget about your side hustle, forget about the projects and plans you have mapped out for your day and take three deep breaths with me. I want to tell you something, it’s going to be okay. It will work out. Now take three more deep breaths and this time say the word meraki (pronounced: may-rah-kee)

  – Meraki –

There is a greek word for the way we do things for those we love. It’s often use to describe what happens when you leave a piece of yourself in your work or in a “gift” for someone.

When you love doing something, anything, so much that you put something of yourself into it. Your life force is forever connected to whatever it is you have done. But, I’m not talking about who much you put into a work project or into your career. I’m speaking of that time when you shared a piece of yourself with those you love. Whether it means you’ve preparing a meal for a loved one or thrown a party celebrating anything and everything just because, that is meraki.

So with all this stress we carry within us I think it might be nice if everyday we try to intentionally do something we love. Not because of any benefit to your career or social standing but because it makes you feel good, makes your soul happy. Maybe you’re gathering with family for the holidays or creating a piece of art for your living room or even a best friend. Anything done with love and affection solely because you want to is not only good for your soul but better for the world.

We put time, thought, and energy into preparing for these occasions. We leave a piece of ourselves behind. That moment shared is the moment when the beneficiary of your “gift” will forever feel your presence.




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