Mama Of Boy(s)

Mama Of Boy(s)

Wow, okay so I finally feel like a mother of boys, emphases on the “S”. Bodhi will be 9 months on May 17th (Mama’s B-day!) and he has already started crawling and standing on his own. I know, I know my life is over ? thanks I got that memo. Now that he is moving I really starting to feel like I have two kids, is that silly to say? I mean obviously the newborn and infancy stages are hard but it’s a different kind of hard for me. Mentally draining, yes, but still  I could literally just park him next to me while doing laundry, cleaning, working and he would just sit there and chill. Since he has learned a thing or two, I’m noticing some things about having two movers and shakers. Once you have two tiny humans moving around trying to grab at everything it becomes both mentally trying and physically demanding.

I knew this day would come, and I’ve been prepared for it. I was convinced that day 1 would be chaotic but it turns out day 252 is when I would truly feel the chaos of my two little boys. Well, I should say two children because I’m sure girls aren’t any easier. That being said, whether you have boys, girls or both I think we can all agree on one thing. While it may not always be the easiest, raising these tiny humans is absolutely 100% worth it. Of course I’ve only just begun my journey as a mama of two but I feel as though in this short 9 months I’ve learned a lot! Below I put a few tricks for saving your sanity while still having fun with your little ones!

  1.  This first one is for mama ONLY! Get yourself a book, it may be an adult coloring book, your favorite novel or my own personal pick 52 Lists for Happiness. When the boys or napping or finally in bed for the night I’ve found this can be a great way to calm my mind. Our days are filled with to-do’s and errands sometimes just sitting down and doing something that is silly or has little do to with our every day can be nice!
  2. As G gets older we start to give him fun chores, I know some have opinions on fun chores and think that chores shouldn’t be fun.  But in our house we like fun chores. Of course picking up his toys and making sure his playroom is in order is one of them but we also went the extra mile and got him this cleaning set from Melissa and Doug. The Let’s Play House set has everything, a mop, broom and even a dust pan. G has always loved to help me clean and I must say it’s made cleaning a lot more entertaining now that he has his own set to clean with.
  3. It doesn’t have to be a large space but set up a space that is just for the kids. You can make it safe for babies and toddlers by adding a jumper, baby playmate or thick carpet into the mix. My favorite place to find baby safe toys is Gilt Groupe. We’ve explained to G several times that the baby has his own play area and we have to be careful with him. Overtime he has gotten the message and we can FINALLY let them play in the same near each other.
  4. I used to get annoyed when people would suggest this bit of advice to me but I realize now that I was initially annoyed because I wasn’t really listening. “Make time for yourself.” I always thought, “Yeah okay, let me just drop EVERYTHING I’m doing and make time for myself, because that’s realistic!?” But really it is and should be a realistic part of every woman’s life regardless of if you have children or not. We all need to reevaluate our list of to-do’s and make this one a top priortiy. Whether it’s hiding in a pantry eating Twizzlers (If you haven’t seen that video yet, here, you’re welcome) or just taking a moment to have a nice long shower, stopping at just doing you for a minute won’t kill them but if you don’t it might kill your sanity (???) so do it!
  5.  S-c-h-e-d-u-l-e, another thing we’ve started doing which is new to me. Ugh the word itself is too much. While I consider myself to be a semi organized  person, I’m not quiet a routine person. But it is something I’m working on. In the passed I’ve tried and failed at a routine but I’m giving it another go. So far G and Bodhi seem to like the idea of schedule obviously we’ve modified it a little bit to fit them but we try and keep to the routine as much as possible. 










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