Mama-hood: My Greatest Adventure

Mama-hood: My Greatest Adventure


Today is Mother’s Day and if it weren’t for my little one (and a half) beautiful baby(ies)  I wouldn’t get the pleasure of celebrate. I don’t know about your morning but mine start off in true mama-hood fashion! I woke up rolled over and was greeted by my son in our bed instead of my husband. I snuck out of bed thinking, “Perfect everyone was deep in slumber so maybe I can get anIMG_0546 hour of spa activities in the bathroom!” Oh boy was I wrong. About 15 minutes into exfoliating and deep conditioning I heard the door. “WHACK”, next thing I see is a very salty two-year old standing there staring at me trying to figure out what I was doing and why on God’s green earth he wasn’t invited to the party. My relaxing spa like shower quickly turned into tubby time and there I was Sunday morning on the floor of my bathroom having a race-off with Mater (From the Movie Cars) and a Lobster car on the rim of the tub. Things seemed to be going smoothly so I thought, “Hey, maybe I can let him only to play and take a minute to brush my teeth.” I would be right there what could POSSIBLY go wrong?! ? Well, I’m only three years into this mama-hood thing so A LOT, A LOT could go VERY VERY wrong.

I’m brushing and brushing and all of a sudden I hear, “EWWWWW OH NOO!” I turn around to find poop in the tub. Now at this point I had two thoughts cross my mind. I could loose it; scream, freak out, accidentally curse a little and when I finally calmed down I’ll feel horrible about loosing it OR I could just laugh it off. Well, I choose the latter, I just started laughing I mean what else could I do it IMG_0593wasn’t worth it to freak out or get upset. It’s Mother’s Day and this was the definition of motherhood. One of the many reason’s us mamas deserve today and any day we feel we just need to celebrate us!  It’s a wild adventure and no one ever said it would be easy or pretty all the time! I’m so grateful to have Gunnar. He’s taught me so much, more then he will ever fully understand, at least until he has children of his own. I’ve learned more about patience, understanding and love in the past three years with Gunnar then I could’ve ever experienced without him. From booboos to goodnight kisses even one or two moments of sheer panic and what the fudge I’m doing this wrong, my life has been forever changed and I’m so grateful for that. Truly I could do without the flowers, chocolates or gifts today the only thing I really need is my Gunnie, Bodhi and of course their amazing father and my partner in crime.


So Happy Mama’s Day you all you lovely, beautiful creatures!!! I hope whatever your desires are for today happen. Personally I’ll be doing what I do every Sunday. Casing my banshee baby bear around playing cars and trains. If I get to relax and just be great if not then that’s fantastic too!


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