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Made In The Shade

Made In The Shade

As we start a new week I’m already thinking of the weekend but not for the reason you might think. A weekly tradition of ours is walking to our local farmers market on Friday. The morning always starts out the same, a quick protein pancake breakfast for the boys then we get them dressed, lather them up with sunscreen, the proper attire and go on our way. But I started to think, “what about me?”. Of course I apply sunblock but I feel like as I get older it just isn’t enough and I was feeling as though my accessorizing skills were lacking. Women dress to the nines when it comes to farmers market day and I wasn’t exactly putting my best foot forward. I wasn’t sure where to begin. I’m not exactly a heavy accessories girls. I pretty much stick with sunnies and keep it simple. But there are so many new options out there.

When it comes to summer accessories I would think of sunnies and maybe a hat. But the trends and styles are changing. I don’t think I could exactly say they are trends but soon to be staples. Fashion is evolving and I’m starting to see a new, “trend” so to speak the trend is everything goes. Everything from Simplicity to over accessorizes is do-able. Below I’ve listed some pieces I’ll be testing out this summer. All are under $60 because lets be real no one should have to break the bank on accessorizing unless its a Gucci cross body.

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