Little Adventurer Coming Soon!!!

Little Adventurer Coming Soon!!!

Sam and I are so excited to announce that we will be embarking on our next big adventure! Baby number two will be arriving August 2016. Right around christmas we found out we were expecting out next little bundle and with wedding planning and the holidays we decided it was for the best if we kept the good news to ourselves for a while. By the time the wedding came and went we were exhausted so a little vacation was definitely needed! Our honeymoon/babymoon was amazing! I felt rejuvenated again and ready to tackle the task of a new baby!!

Honeymoon/ Babymoon really got me to stop and think about my priorities and whats important in life. The wedding while amazing and fun really got me off-balance and our trip was just want I needed to get back in touch with myself! I can finally breath again andIMG_4038 focus on my family’s health and wellness as well as my own. Now with a new baby on the way that’s more important than ever.

After a mini break from the blog to regroup and refocus I’m back and ready to keep going!  I can’t wait for whats to come and see where it all takes me and my family. I’m so excited to share my maternity experiences and offer advice and tip to help with everyday life for me and all my fellow mommIMG_7934as-to-be. Now not that I don’t love my fellow preggos but to all those following along that aren’t pregnant or into children pleases rest assured I will still continue to provide tip for living a happy, deliciously healthy, always stylish, and of course organic lifestyle. Regardless of pregnancy I ain’t slowing down for nothing! The humor and fun will of course continue along with everything else Primrose and Clovers has always been about! I hope you’ll continue to join me and my little family on our next journey.



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