Links & Things

Links & Things

So I know its been a couple weeks since I’ve posted my series, “Hello Mondays”. There are a couple of reasons most of which are just noise in the background. Mainly I’ve felt a little challenged by my own thoughts lately. I was struggling every week, I had so many great links I wanted to share. At the same time I also had trending fashion content that it became impossible to decide. At first I couldn’t figure out what to do, I couldn’t do two series I have zero time between product tests/reviews ( check back for a little something, something) and mama duties. So getting two series together every week just wouldn’t work. That’s when it hit me I’d like to share everything I’ve got with you, right? So why not do it all at once!

I present to you my first Links & Things post, this will be a combination of trend, sales, links, recipes etc. that I’m loving this week. So basically it’s a combination of the originally “Links I’m Loving” and “Hello Mondays”. If it didn’t take time it wouldn’t be worth it, so finally I’ve come up with a model and I’m sticking to it!

To start I’m sharing my favorite links!

  • So to kick off June I’ve supplied a list of must haves for Dad! I’m so excited for Father’s Day and in the post I open up about our past years struggles and how I’m getting Sammy something great without breaking the bank!
  • I love this! A quiz to determine what zodiac you were meant to be. I consider myself a true blue Taurus mama but I always have people as me if I’m an Aquarius or a Pisces but believe it or not I got Gemini! Check it out for yourself
  • I just finished redoing the dinning area in our kitchen. I’m not quiet ready for the big reveal just yet (check back for a post probably next week) but I LOVE the results from the last redo that I’ve already started on our bedroom. To help me stay on focus I’ve been searching for article after article of helpful tips and tricks on sprucing up a bedroom .
  • Um I’m sorry but to anyone who is a true J.Crew fan then the fact that they have a new CEO is hella important. Let’s all pray that James Brett can fill those oh so stylish shoes. Do I smell a future J.Crew home decor line?! **fingers crossed**
  • I was just talking to my trainer about how Sammy and I met and it really made me start to miss our wedding. Everything from the tea light dance floor to our delicious rum cake!

Meg’s Motto Of The Week

(Click the pic for more from Snorgtees!)

Trend Do’s and Don’t

  1. Do – Rock a wide legged pant but make sure to avoid patterns/stripes for a look that will last longer than the trend.
  2. Don’t – Go for ripped jeans this summer, I know I hate saying it and of course there’s always the perfect occasion for a tee and ripped jeans. But I feel as though this look has been sat on the bench for the summer.  Instead stick with a raw edge denim shorts. Or go to the opposite end of the spectrum and style a cleaner, chic look with a simple clean-cut short, maybe even take this opportunity to bring in a fun and bold pattern.
  3. Do – Keep your summer look simple and sweet. A bold lip is always fun but sometimes it can be over done. Switch it up with a nude and natural look. Let your sun-kissed skin glow with a hint of peachy lip gloss and a touch of mascara!
  4. Don’t –  Forget to wear that SPF. If you do follow my lead and go for a natural look don’t forget to pack on the skin protection! I add it into my concealer so when I go for a more natural look I tend to forget that I’ve gone without my SPF so I’m reminding myself with this one as well!
  5.  Do – Pack on the accessories. The more cross bodies the better ladies. What was trending this time last year hasn’t really faded into the background. If anything these trends have been even more amped up! (Check out all my “do” pieces below)

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