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Links & Things

Okay so ALL of my July posts have been delayed. I’m so sorry to all of my readers but to be honest I was just enjoying July. No excuses, no real reason, well actually there were two pint size reasons. Those reasons just so happen to be named G and Bodhi (still can’t think of a nickname for that one). So again sorry for the delay I know I’ve been a bad blogger but come on we all deserve some chill time now and again. We are finally getting back into the swing of things as our house. It’s crazy to me because I feel like traveling with little ones can make a 3 day vacation feel like a month-long vacation. With all the extra food, clothing and money you need to bring for those unknown moments. Don’t get me wrong I love traveling and thanks to my parents I spent more than half of my life traveling. But it is so nice to get home and just sort things out.

I have so much coming for you guys I’ve given sneak peeks here and there on Happily In Style’s Instagram feed, so if you haven’t already, go check it out! For now I’ll be over here picking out a new washer and dryer, cleaning my appliances and planning a birthday party for a certain soon to be one year old! Oh the adventures of parenting and being a homeowner, so thrilling! Happy Tuesday loves!

-The Links-

  • Now I know if you’re following a couple of bloggers you know Nordstrom is having its anniversary sale. I’ll I’m going to do it supply the early access sale link here.  The sale officially starts July 20th but if you have a Nordstrom’s credit card you can shop the sale NOW! I’m on a spending freeze so I haven’t done any shopping. Of course normally I would still supply my picks but I have a 1st birthday party to plan and cannot afford to fall of the wagon what so ever! Mama is on a budget!
  • I’m seriously obsessed with this one. Soul Tattoos are something I actually found late last night while I was rocking Bodhi back to sleep. The idea is, you have a reading done, be it with tarot cards or palms and the person reading you aka Ashley, helps you decide on a tattoo that best represents your soul. I’ve always wanted a tattoo but I’ve never found anything truly meaningful. I came once while we were in Hawaii, it was the place where I really started to understand and accept my postpartum depression and anxiety. Once I did that I was able to work on the issues I was having and move forward. I was so grateful for the trip and on the last day I could have easily gotten one to remember that journey. But I felt it was such a personal journey that I wasn’t quiet ready to share with the world. Instead I kicked the idea to the curb and kept growing through what I was going through. So something like this, especially with where I am today might be right. I feel as though I’m starting to turn a curve and land myself in a better place. A more positive space, a pace I once called home. *fingers crossed*
  • My new favorite local site! My best friend is due with her first baby any day now and I wanted to get her something special. I found this site filled with stuff any philly native would appreciate, including onesies for that philly baby in your life!!
  • As always I’m gifting you with this weeks Refinery29 Horoscopes! Some may think they are fake or hogwash but I like to think of horoscopes as a way to gain a different prespective of the up and coming week.

Meg’s Motto of The Week

All of it just all of it!!!



So for this installment of Links & Things I wanted to talk a little bit about a new collaboration of mine. Influenster is a site dedicated to getting real reviews from real people and bloggers like myself. Now everything I have received was free and I am under no obligation to say I LOVED anything if I didn’t actually love it. All my opinions are my own.

  1. LashFood BrowFood – This was an interesting product, I have never touched my eyebrows before and I don’t really like to mess with them much. I’m blessed with “okay” eyebrows personally I love them the way they are and don’t add anything to make them fuller. With that being said I thought the product was good, if we are doing a 0-10 rating I’d give it a 8. The instructions are super easy to understand especially for an eyebrow amateur like myself!
  2. Sigma Face Powder and Brush – Sigma has amazing brushes so when I opened the box and found one inside I jumped. I may not be the most make up savvy lady but I know good brushes. With sensitive skin like mine a bad brush can lead to irritated skin. The color is gorgeous, it adds a little extra something to any look, be it casual or dressed up!
  3. Julep Boost Your Radiance Rosehip Seed Facial Oil – If you’ve followed along from the beginning you know that I’m an oils girl. Believe me when I say this baby is a true 10. Morning, noon, or even night if I’m feeling stressed or just need a little extra boost all I do it  throw some of this on, take a deep breath and am good to go!
  4. Aquis Luxe Hair Towel – I always down for a good towel. Half top knots have become my favorite casual go-to but they have really hurt your hair if you do them while your hair is went. Same thing goes for when doing that towel head dress move, we all do right after stepping out of the shower.  Until receiving the hair towel I never realized how much I was damaging my hair. You can feel a difference in your hair right away when using the Aquis Luxe Hair Towel.
  5. Quidad Advanced Climate Control Defrizzing Shampoo & Conditioner – I have extremely frizzy hair. It is the reason why I never really do my hair in the summer. I usually go with a more natural look because curling it creates more frizz. Straightening it creates more frizz, literally using any extra product can either make it frizzier or super oily. I have to be careful with that I put in my hair. Originally I had this set idea that the Ouidad wasn’t going to work with my hair. From the moment I opened the shampoo I was surprised. It smelled amazing and was light on my hair. Once dry my hair was shiny and well-mannered something that was normally lacking from my locks. This ones a total 1-0!
  6. Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift – Say hello to my new best friend. I’ve dealt with an unhealthy amount of stress lately. Some of which has finally come to a head and ended. I’ve discussed it a smidgen in a letter addressed to my boys about being kind. Thankfully it seems to have ended and I can finally return to normalcy. But I’m still dealing with bits of paranoia and worriment, even though things seem to have ended, it seems that it takes longer for certain parts of our brains to catch the news. So until I can just chill and get rolling with positive living again I’ll be using this beauty. It fits perfectly in your purse, clutch or carry-on and has the perfect applicator attached for a no mess vibe. I struggle greatly with puffy eyes especially in the morning and when I’m stressed, so it feels like this one was made for me.

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