Lavender Scones to the Rescue!

Lavender Scones to the Rescue!

When we decided to start trying for our second there were so many reasons we felt ready. A brother for Gunnar and the amount of time in between the two sibs would be perfect and of course another little pinto bean to love and snuggle would be great too! There were so many reason. When we finally conceived we were so happy and ready for the next 9 months of a happy healthy pregnancy. But there was one thing I forgot about; I get severe morning sickness. Last time nothing seemed to work, I couldn’t get any relief. I had tried the”preggie pops”, ice cubes of Gatorade and even peppermint none of it worked for me. I was stuck waiting 3 months for it to finally go away. Once is was gone it felt like a dream like something I could remember but didn’t really experience.

Until recently, with this pregnancy the morning sickness has returned!! Now for those of you who are pregnant with their 2nd, 3rd or even 4th pregnancy you know the added difficult that some with your next pregnancy. It can make it very hard to find relief when you see the sad confused expression on your toddlers face as you cling to the toiletIMG_4138.  All they want is you to get out of there and go play trains and all you want to do is puke. That has been the newest develop and thankfully this time my “morning” sickness is worse in the afternoon. Which means our early morning game of trains and cars hasn’t gotten too messed up.

Still I didn’t want this to affect my time with Gunnar too much. So again I search in hopes I would find something to help. Then we went away on our Honeymoon/Babymoon and a remedy basically fell into my lap! While on our way up to the top of Haleakala National Park we found Alii Kula Lavender Farm a little gem on the side of the Haleakala. While there we got to take a tour of the beautiful property and all the lovely gardens. At then end of our tour of course there was a gift shop!! There I found a bunch of amazing lavender infused products which of course I just HAD to buy. On our way out they asked if we would like a lavender scone. Baked good?! Without hesitation I said yes! We sat down and I started to examine the butter and honey they had given us making sure they were pasteurized, thankfully they were. Then I realized maybe just to be on the safe side I should take a quick moment and check is lavender was okay to consumer.I grabbed my phone and started to google. To my surprise not only is it perfectly okay to eat lavender scones but they help with morning sickness!! I had found a few option, so with my fingers crossed I bought a couple more scones and a bottle of lavender honey to test out during the rest of the trip. Whenever I had “morning” sickness I would heat one up, drizzle a little honey on it and I was good to go!

IMG_3758The results?! Well I am happy to report it works for me I don’t know if it’s the bread, honey or even the lavender but the combo worked for me and I am so happy about it! Now that we are home I sadly don’t have any scones but good news is they have a website where I can order all the lavender scone mix I want!! So while I wait on that to ship I’ll continue to use my lavender honey on blueberry muffins!! They taste delicious as well and with the honey it still seems to be helping!

If you are battling morning sickness like me and would like to try some scones for yourself click this link to order:  Lavender Scones


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