It’s All In Your Mindset

It’s All In Your Mindset

The title is actually something my husband said to me last week. Recently I’d been living with a dark cloud over my head. There are a lot of contributing factors to this. Stress at work, feeling like an unfit mama,  some negative people, and well this is my least favorite time of the year. I hate the transition clothing and I’m not a fan of this weird winter vortex that happens every year around the same time. On top of all that I’m still working on loosing that baby weight. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a work out fanatic, honestly I’m not even an expert I’m just a lover of cardio whose trying to shed those extra pounds.

Never the less, I’ve allowed these things to drag me down and steal more time, effort, and ideas from me than I should have. Time is officially up. I’m done, it’s over, I’m blocking all of it out. I mean there’s only so much one mama can take.  So, how am I going to completely block all the negativity out? Well, realistically I can’t, it isn’t possible nor should it be. Negativity can some time bring forth new positives, so I’ll embrace it. When it comes to the stress and negative Nancys out there, we ova, goodbye, go away. When it comes to hating on myself, well it’s really time I get over that. I’m being the negative Nancy by letting it get to me so much. I thought I was over my body image issues but it’s hard to escape those feelings when you’re so used to looking a certain way. To be honest it is the only reason I haven’t really been posting any look of the day posts. I feel my least creative around this time of year and my lack of confidence has only made that worse. I let social media and comparisons get the better of me. I know I know, I shouldn’t but that’s life. Thankfully this beautiful spring weather we are experiencing here in the Philadelphia area has really helped snap me out of it.

Inspired by the weather, this past weekend I shook off those bad vibes and decided to do a little “photo shoot”  (Thanks to my lovely husband!!?)  and force myself to get over my insecurities. Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone is really all you need to  turn your mindset around. For this little self-love shoot I decided to mix it up a little.  I took one of my summer go-to’s and turned it into a spring go-to. A green and white striped pocket tank tucked into a paired with a black shorts but I decided black high-waisted skinnies would be more weather right. Now this is normally a no-no for me right now. I’m a lover of the tucked in look but I’ve felt heavy lately and just didn’t think I could pull it off anymore. I decided to shut those negative thoughts out and just go for it! To really mix it up I took a denim button down midi dress and turned it into a duster. I decided to complete the look with a pair of block heeled booties in a pinkie nude color. I love these booties because the color is really a multi season color/style. It really is more bang for your buck and  who doesn’t love that!!

 A special thanks goes out to my husband for pushing me to do this! It may be in front of our garage and very quick little session but it really did shake off all the negativity I was feeling. Thank you!!!! ❤️


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  • Great post! I have found myself in a similar mind-set recently. Must be the time of year ;-). You’ve inspired me to reboot/revamp my mindset!

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